2020 bmw m340i lease at $768 a month


$768 a month lease with $3000. I’m in Tampa Florida and there aren’t many bow dealers near me, yet that seems way way to much. especially compared to some offers ive seen on here. id be happy with $4000 down and $550 a month around there. any tips on how I should negotiate down? here is the email I was sent.

first time leaser also, so I know they are gonna try and screw me.

Don’t get ripped, this is attainable in other parts for like $600/month 0 down territory

Work with a broker if you don’t want to go and find the best deal yourself, they’ll save you money

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Classic Reeves!

Ferman is the same :weary:

If you want to stay in FL for a BMW Ft Myers is probably your best bet IMO.

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If you would like to go the broker route, please reach out and I will be more than happy to help!

I had the same experience shopping for BMWs and MINIs in Tampa. Ferman was outrageous for both and Reeves BMW wanted like $500 a month on a loaner 320i. I ended up buying in Alabama and driving down to Tampa! Not to mention every one of the BMW dealers have a dealer fee that’s $900+.

This is not a good deal on this car. A broker can definitely help you if you want to go that route, and there are many good ones on this site.

If you want to negotiate, you need to not do so based on monthly payment. Please read the Leasing 101 articles (minus the 1% rule article) before you send any information back to a dealer. There are a lot of M340i leases that have been posted on the forum recently, so extrapolate discount information and rebates from there (make sure that they are current rebates that you are applicable for) and get the MF and RV information from Edmunds. Then, plug everything into the calculator and that is the deal that you provide to dealers.


Alex hire Bacon, a local who will take care of you.

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Hello, I saw your contact on one of the posts and wanted to reach out for help. I am relatively new to leasing, and looking to close the deal on a C43. On the face of it, it looked like a great deal (and it might very well be) but after going through some posts on this forum I am thinking I can get better. If you are ok, can I share the details with you? Thanks, would really appreciate some guidance.

I would start a new thread for that. C43 is a bit off topic from a M340i, but please read the Leasing 101 articles before working through a deal.

M340s are better with Bacon. If he says he can help you, listen.

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Apologies for that. I didn’t realize my query would show up as part of the thread. I was trying to send a pm.

Thank you! Already in the process with him. $768 a month to $558 crazy

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You can find a great deal on a new 2019 Audi S4. Easy 650 with no money down, 12k miles a year.
Most BMW dealers are like this, and Maryland ain’t no different as an example.

Second this. Great move hiring Steven.