2020 BMW M340i / $548mo - MSRP $67K - 36mo/10Kmi - $2500 Down + $3850 in MSDs

Finally Done with this deal!
Car is ordered (From Germany), and anyone following my previous post that might be wondering, this deal does NOT include any possible equity from my AMG C43 trade. I will work that again as we get closer, or just turn it in. It was just too early for them to commit to a solid number right now, with it being nearly 2.5 months away.

Negotiated selling price before any Rebates/Incentives ended up being 10.5% below MSRP. And with a smaller Doc fee than others, this felt more than fair to me. I am extremely happy.

2020 BMW M340i XDrive:
MSRP: $67,120
Monthly Payment: $548
Drive-Off Amount: $2500 (Including 1st Mo, and covering Dealer Acq. / Doc fees / Taxes on CCR)
Additional Drive-Off: $3850 for max of 7ea MSDs
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: Base rate of 0.00128 - Reduced to 0.00093 w/ MSDs
Residual: 61%
Incentives: $3250 (BMW - $1K Lease Credit / $1K Conquest / $1K Test Drive Event / $250 USAA)
Region: Mississippi
Leasehackr Score: 9.6
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Congrats on the custom order! Should be nicely optioned at $67k. Make sure to upload some pics when received!


Not following these that closely, but am interested in the car. Seems like a great deal from what I have seen, especially for a custom order. Congrats!


It’s definitely optioned pretty heavily. I know the biggest thing I skipped on was the “Cooling / High Performance Tire Pkg”. I would rather have the all season tires, and hopefully not have to replace them after 10k miles. Lol

I also couldn’t justify the $500 for wireless charging. I don’t even know if the new Samsung Note 10+ will even fit in it. I’m about to upgrade to that, so I couldn’t try it during the test drive. My Note 8 barely fit.

I will definitely post pics as soon as I get the windows tinted. That should be a forum rule, IMO. Lol

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The lease numbers themselves are overall pretty solid. With a RV at 61% (albeit for lower miles), a reasonable MF @ 3.07% that can be lowered, and decent rebates that are hopefully also offered in your area… and awillingness to discount, that may vary a little… A GREAT deal can be had.

By comparison… My 36mo/12k mi lease on an AMG C43, Stickered at about $7k less than this BMW build… My new payment will be $34 less.

Go have yourself a test drive. It’ll be hard to be disappointed, I’m guessing.