2020 BMW M340 or M4

Wanted to get some thoughts from internet strangers. My 2018 Audi S5 lease is over in a few months and I am going to place an order for a BMW M340 or M4. I am torn between going with what the heart desires (M4, track days, car meets) and the brain (M340, cheaper, more tech, and AWD for winter). Both will get summer/winter tires. Just wanted to get some hackr’s thoughts on these two BMWs.

Here is the lease breakdown if you are interested (The pricing is fixed since I work for a dealer with employee pricing. All situations are 10k miles, .00128 mf, conquest rebate, no aqc/dealer fee, tax inclusive, and $1500 due at signing):

2020 M340i xDrive E1K1PM0X

Dravit Gray, Cognac, Premium, 19” 791M, Driver Assist Pro, Wireless Charging, Harmon Kardon Sound, Ambient Lighting, Park Distance, black kidney grilles, carbon fiber mirror caps, carbon fiber spoiler

$67995 MSRP
$59965 Selling
$2000 Rebate
61% Residual
$621/mo LH

2020 M4 E1RUS0G8

San Marino Blue, Silverstone, 19” 437M, M Double Clutch, Wireless Charging, Blind spot, black grille, carbon fiber mirror caps, carbon fiber spoiler, electronic steering wheel

$80270 MSRP
$67086 Selling
$1750 Rebate
60% residual
$730/mo LH

Competition M4 w/ 20" wheels, HUD, no added accessories E1KNZON2 $747/mo LH

M4 without the accessories (not going to do this) is $685/mo for comparison.

M340i XDrive is only a tune away from M4 power TBH and has the traction to put it down even in less than ideal conditions.

Kudos on the insight into dealer employee pricing (I was already aware of this but most aren’t)

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Unless you have very steep hills I’d go for the RWD M4


Have you ever owned an M? The technology is nicer on a 2020 M340 but that’s the the only thing that is (stying is personal preference so I’m not referring to that). I would take the M4 in every way shape or form instead, especially since you said you’re getting snows regardless. They’re not similar vehicles in the drive. Even after tuning the power delivery will be different. In a moment of weakness I too though about getting a 340 to be practical for once but, the driving dynamics were SO different I couldn’t do it. I’m on my 4th M now.

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Chicago, so no hills but the alley behind my apartment is not plowed during the winter.

Any really nasty curbs you drive up regularly?

75% chance I will get the m4. Do you think I should go with the Competition package or the base M4 with all of the extra goodies?

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No curbs, but lots of pot holes so I will be getting tire and wheel insurance (employee discount on it is worth every penny and I will not say what the cost is if you were going to ask). On my S5 I have gone through 6 tires (3 bubbles, 1 flat, 2 nails) and 1 rim.

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Haha. I mean it sounds like you already have your mind made up but out of curiosity…If the M340i (sedan) was in the running why not go for the gold and get an M5? :grin:

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That crossed my mind already but it is over $1000/mo and my insurance doubles. I would have dealer traded an M4 CS in a heartbeat if you could combine employee discount with flagship money since it is about $750/mo. Also if the M440 was out, that would have been the most likely replacement for my S5.

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Mass is the enemy of fun.

I noticed this when I went to the track and drove my friend’s A4 and my S5. The A4 has a lighter engine so the nose was a lot lighter than the heavy V6 in the S5. It didn’t matter too much on the track but on the autocross course the A4 was easier to control.

I would get a Competition personally. I had a non comp previously and where as they are not night and day different, I like the comp more. You might want to see the difference in lease payment for a Heritage Edition M4. They only come one way except for color choice.

My dealer has one coming in and they are $90k plus. The problem with employee leases is that it is a set dollar discount so the higher the MSRP, the worse the percent discount is.

My only thought on the comp is that I can get a tune to make up for the power difference so it really comes down to the 20" wheels and the adaptive m suspension.

The M series engine (S- designates) is not just a tuned N- series engine as found in the M340.

Horsepower numbers don’t tell the whole story.

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Im driving a 330e now and torn between these 2 as well.

Only reason why I am currently leaning towards M340i is that its more practical with 4 doors, and all the tech I want. Also, some mods and tune away from being in the same range as an M4.

Since you work for a center (as do I) you saw how crazy the 4 series deals were when the 2020’s were inbound, might as well try to hang on a few more months and snag it before the 2021 drops.

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If you do plan on modding it, dont do competition package as you would have to pay up for any after market suspension due to having the adaptive M suspension.

My current lease is due in 4 months so I can’t wait until later in the year unless I take over a lease

Audi doesn’t offer a lease extension?

It is their owners choice equivalent so you can’t extend it.