2020 bmw i3 discount


Just out of curiosity,
What is the discounted that can be expected on 2020 i3s?

If you can find one, I would not expect to receive a big discount - there is very little 2020 i3 inventory out there.

Incentives look pretty good with $7500 lease cash/$3000 loyalty.
There seems to be # of units out in the midwest and westcoast.
Was wondering if there would be a hackable opportunity there.

Only way to know is to inquire - but my guess is probably not much.

The BMW i3 has a lot of really good previous deals. However, deals might not be as good being that inventory is already very limited. Build the deal prior to calling dealerships, and negotiate pre-incentive discount as much as possible before adding in incentives to the deal.

The time to get one was Q4 of last year. 2020 production has been limited significantly at least in the US, and there are virtually no differences 2019 vs 2020.

I’d look elsewhere- there’s a few 2019 eGolfs left that might be worth seeking out.