2020 BMW 540i xDrive Executive Demo

I have an opportunity to put together an offer on a ’20 540i xDrive Executive Demo. The car has under 3k miles. Based on the information provided by the dealer, I was able to build it out on the BMW configurator and the MSRP is just over $72k (I will request a copy of the Monroney sticker to confirm). They are advertising the car at ~$66k. I’m thinking this deal should be 15% off MSRP before incentives, but not 100% confident. Unlike the 3 series and X3, etc., there’s not as much information on 5 series deals. Hoping to get some insights on a ‘fair’ offer for this. Assume buy rate and May lease incentives/terms apply.

Why don’t you just reach out to the dealer and ask them for what you want? I think 15% off is attainable on a loaner. I would personally try and squeeze for more.

That’s my plan, but just want to have my game plan set before I formally contact them.

Where are you located. Location is needed. Look at broker deals for a 540i if you can. There are enough to benchmark as Max said, so I recommend you do that.

There have been more than enough 5-series demo/loaner deals to benchmark this.

Boston area

Brokers have it between 12-18% depending on broker and region last month, some have not updated for this month.

Have you even considered contacting a broker? There is one based out of Boston on the forum.

@Bostoncarconcierge is a broker in Boston. You could always reach out to him.


That price might probably include all incentives (such as BMW finance incentives and conquest). If you plan to reach out to the dealer, I would suggest confirming the following info first:

  1. MSRP of the car (I know you mentioned you will).
  2. Find out whether that $66k price includes any incentives by asking what the pre-incentive sale price is.

Good luck.

Thanks. I will absolutely get at these details!

Thanks for the reference. We have to replace 2 BMWs in the near future and I got nowhere with my long time CA. Broker may be the way to go.