2020 BMW 5-Series Configurator Now Live

For those BMW 5-Series enthusiasts, the 2020 5-Series configurator is now live at bmwusa.com. Judging from the website, the only major difference from the previous models is that the 2020 models come standard with iDrive 7.0 and include a digital instrument panel (https://www.bmwusa.com/vehicles/5-series/sedan/gallery.html#!/the-5-series-gallery/12).

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Standard blind spot monitor is nice, too. Can’t imagine getting used to the reversed tachometer though.

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Agreed Michael, although I think the blind spot monitor and lane departure warning were also standard in the 2019s.

Let the 2019 5 fire sale begin!


Don’t forget the engine upgrade on the M550. Now 523hp :+1:

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Good point! Do you know if there were updates to the smaller engines?

Not sure. Doesn’t look like it, at least on the 540i.

If it eases your concerns at all, I can confidently say you don’t get used to it.

Is the cheesy LED interior dash and door panel lighting new on the 5?

That’s the single tackiest feature on my 750, but that’s probably because mine wasn’t ordered with “Sky Lounge.”

Close second is the cheap plastic trim pieces that are supposed to, um, simulate wood? That stuff is in Family Truckster territory.

:fire:Based on some posts here over the past few weeks, the flames may have already been ignited​:fire:

I built my 18 and it wasn’t standard. Came in the drivers asst package.

Also worth noting is the battery capacity bump for 530e. Specifically by ~25% from 9.2 to 12 kWh.

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Yay now people can drive 4 more miles!

4 miles of extra range for same money? I’ll take it any day of the week.