2020 BMW 330iX (New) Deal Check - WA area!

Any suggestions on the deal? I just got numbers.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW 330ix New (7 miles)
MSRP: $47.2K
Selling: $42.4K
Cash Down payment: $4K
Monthly Payment: $514 (inclusive of the tax)
Registration/Tax fees: $1.3K
Months: 36
Annual Mileage:10,000
Region: Bellevue, WA

MSDs- Accept 7, the monthly payment might reduce to $480 (need to confirm this value)

I am super new to forum, these are all details I have from the dealer. I was wondering what should be my strategy moving forward? The dealer pretty much made it clear that this is the best price he can offer.

Community, please direct me on how to approach this deal or even this is worth it?

Reason: This is the most reasonable I could find. Seems the market is not great in WA area.

Wow is the 4k MSD’s?

Absolutely horrible!

your title says 2020, but description says 2021, im assuming its a 21 to have 7 miles? still…$500+ and 4k down (MSDs or not) is really bad.

Its 2020, updated.

Yeah, I know quite horrible, but not at all getting any deal.

Even more reason to run away…a year old model for that much…look elsewhere.

You are correct that the market is not great in the PNW, especially WA.

I think @28firefighter has found slightly better BMW deals down in Oregon - I’m sure he can provide more insight!

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@jamiemose is correct. Would recommend trying BMW Portland or Kuni BMW.

You won’t get a decent deal in the Seattle metro (Bellevue, Tacoma) area.

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What’s the discount pre incentive?

Why not just order from a broker 10-11% off
(+ possibly only a $750 delivery charge)?