2020 BMW 330i xDrive - Northeast (MA)

Still working on getting a discount off the MSRP (before incentives) but here’s the latest quote that I’ve received. Still looks high to me and having a little bit of trouble with the calculator in terms of getting the numbers to match up accurately. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW 330i xDrive
MSRP: $45,130
Monthly Payment: $ 480.60
Drive-Off Amount: $4,150
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .00064 (knocked down from .00099 with 7 MSD @ $3500)
Residual: 59%/$26,626.70
Incentives: Savings = $2632.00 / Rebate = $1750.00
Cap Cost: $40,748
Region: Northeast (MA)
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

This seems really high to me.

Really really really bad. You are better going with a broker at this point.

@Bostoncarconcierge if he is taking new customers can most likely slap this.


Edit: This seems stupid horrible-

I did reach out to Mike (@Bostoncarconcierge) just now. Appreciate the feedback from everyone, lol. I agree, this quote is horrible. I’ve been getting absolutely gouged since I started this search last week. Admittedly, this will be my second lease (first BMW) so I’m kind of a noobie with this. I have learned quickly though :slight_smile:

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Revised quote below. This is for convenience package only (whereas, I’m aiming for the convenience and driver assistance packages, so I’m not in a rush). Not sure why I went from $400 equity in my trade-in to -$243.76. Not trying to roll negative equity into a lease when I know for a fact there’s positive equity in it, or at the least, I should break even.

The thing that’s confusing me the most is where the savings column amount comes from on the sheet. I keep asking for a discount off the MSRP before incentives. Should I just focus on the Cap Cost? Am I doing it wrong? haha

Walk away at this point, this looks horrible as well, I would start looking at other dealers, Probably going to end having a better deal and experience with Mike

Which dealer is this because I’m currently in talks with BMW WS in Mass and wondering if I’m going to receive something like this.

Hey Steezy, I’ve visited BMW in Norwood/Sudbury in person and have already test driven the 2020 330i. I’m just trying to get the best quote online at this point and then I’m ready to move forward. These guys are making it really difficult right now though. Also had zero luck with BMW in Shrewsbury (their inventory looks super tight). Hope this helps.

Would check out BMW WS but doubt you have to after talking with Bostoncarconcierge so good luck on the hunt!

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Thanks bud, same to you!

Hey All,

What’s your thoughts on this one? It’s for a 2020 BMW 330i xDrive w/ Driver Asst Package/Live Cockpit Pro.

Tried my best to get these #s to match:

Ask them for a clear breakdown of what amount due at start is.
I would assume it includes the MSD’s.
Not familiar with MA but are you rolling the taxes in or paying that up front?
What exactly are the upfront fees $1,484? What is included with that.

Dont be shy to ask what these items are .

In your calculator you put .00064. That is the interest after you apply the MSD’s. When doing the calculator put in .00099 for a more accurate number, the calculator will add the discount automatically when you select the 7 MSD’s option.

The rebates I believe should be in the taxed section

Thanks for the feedback Mike. I did ask a couple times for a breakdown. They’re difficult about it sometimes but I will try again. I will most likely try to pay as little as possible upfront and roll what I can into the lease payments/cap cost if that makes sense?

The MF is .00099 but drops to .00064 when I do the max MSD (7 @ $3,150). I will also adjust that in the calculator as well. I’m very much a n00b at this and appreciate yours, along with everyone else’s assistance in the forums. It’s been a great resource!

Two changes needed in your calculator and then it was spot on:

  • starting MF needs to be set at .00099. The calculator will then have your new MF with MSD’s applied-
  • incentives of $1750 should be moved to taxed

Edit: here you go…

What is the $1400+ in dealer fees for? That on the surface looks like an opportunity. I would expect $600 - 700 max or less + reg fees.

Go up to Tulley in Nashua…I have contact info for sales person and Manager if you’d like. I just signed a 330 M Sport for 11% off and $469/mo with only 7 MSD.

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The $1,424 “upfront fees” are:

$925 acquisition fee
$459 doc fee
$35 inspection
$5 title prep

The reg fee came out to $132.50 which was charged separately. I’m going to take a look at it tomorrow and if all goes well, I’ll be signing.

I’ve lease from sudbury last year and they seem to process the incentives as untaxed. Doc and prep fee are taxed but not the reg/inspection. This would match the numbers in the spreadsheet.

Not great but not bad either. 1% with zero due at signing.

I’d recommend emailing Bmw@west springfield . They are pretty upfront on sending you quotes via email. Some of their advertised loaner prices are competitive as a starting point… 15~19% off msrp. I would used that as an anchor to see if they can offer 13%+ off new and use that as a leverage to negotiate with metro west dealers.

You may get a better offer towards the end of the month. Also, there’s a driving event in boston which would give you an OL code ($500 accepted by most dealers) - due to covid has a lot of spots left.


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