2020 BMW 330i XDrive Loaner


Msrp: 48765
Sale price: 43605
Monthly: 537
Mf: .00118

Please let me know your thoughts
What type of discount should I aim for? Brand new vs demo

That’s not a good deal. Just use a broker.

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MSRP: $47,480
Selling Price: $38,801.02
Rebates: $1,750
Money Factor 0.00118
Residual: 60%
Register in NJ $1,052.32
$1000 Due at signing
$413 a month

Updated pricing! Please let me know if I should take it

Looks pretty solid to me

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Finally something I can consider signing! Do u think I can push for $400?

Pushed for $400 and got it with $1000 at signing!!


Way to keep grinding :red_car:

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Congrats, post that baby to the trophy garage!

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Closing tomo morning bc finance is backed up. Will do!