2020 BMW 330i Loaner FL

What do you guys think about this deal ? Your input is very much appreciated.

Marked up MF and weak discount but the car only has 1000 miles, room for improvement

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What would be a reasonable discount?

A dealer will most likely not want to get as aggressive on a 1k loaner since they will have to pull from their new car inventory, which already low, to replace the vehicle. Not only is your discount low, they have 40 points in the rate. At this pricing you can go brand new.

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I was first offered 11.5% on a loaner in south Florida with 1100 miles. They called me several times over the course of two weeks and I told them I was looking at 16% off, base mf etc. They told me that was never going to happen. They called me last weekend and said if I would come sign the deal they would do it.

Hang in there. It can be done. Here’s my calculator for reference.

Hi. Can you please share the dealers info?

The quote is from a Leasehackr registered dealer.