2020 BMW 330i lease

Hi everyone,

We just had a baby and Im looking to trade in my 2017 430i coupe (has 52k miles and very good condition) to lease a little more practical 2020 330i xdrive. Included options are : driving assistance package, remote starter, heated front seat, heated steering wheels, ambient lights, digital cockpit pro with nav.

MSRP $47,135
Trade in Value $20,000 - $14,532 owned = $5,468 toward down payment
Drive off amount: $0
Monthly $345.63 (no tax in my state) /month x 36 months
15k miles per year

My first time leasing and I don’t know much about RV and MF but I did asked the dealer for the breakdown. Please see the attached picture. What does everyone think of this ?

Thank you so much!

Looks like $8,000 down and $350 a month. Not a good deal.

Have you gotten quotes for your car from a place like Carvana?

You’re at 8.9% pre-incentive discount. There’s plenty of room for improvement there.

Also, definitely get buy off quotes from other sources on the trade in.

Thanks for the quick response,

Carvana offered $18.4K; vroom offer was $18.6k, my local audi offer was $16.5 toward a Q5 :open_mouth:

Dumb question, how did you figured out the down payment was over $8 k, i thought it would just be the 5.5k credit from my trade in after the payoff?

Sounds like they are propping your trade up higher in lieu of discount then

Your best bet --> @Bostoncarconcierge

Do not EVER do a cash cap reduction (down payment) on a lease. Especially when you have zero sales tax!

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Under deal, it literally says “Down Payment: 7871.XX”

There are a lot better deals on a 330i on this forum, but I agree with @chrishs2000 to not put a down payment.

I am by no means an advisor when it comes to this kind of stuff, but it does not seem like any part of this deal is good (trade, new lease, etc.)

It’s a BMW though. They like to apply the rebates as an upfront down payment, so the due at sale amount always seems higher than it is.

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It’s not $8k down. OP is using his $5467.38 equity as the DAS.

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Okay makes sense.

@Jon wouldn’t OP have more equity if sold it to VROOM for 2K more?


They over extended on the trade at the dealer by 2-4k

(We spoke)

Gotcha. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop! Did he get the deal?


We’re talking about a loaner option at another local dealer.

More to come…

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Oh boy. Good luck! Hope you are getting your fee for the time you spent on this one.

Only if the deals sense for the customer! :slight_smile:

No charge to put in the work lol