2020 Audi S5 P+ lease

For a 36/10k lease in 94402, I know RF is 59% and MF is .00153 for this month. I’m a Costco member so I get 10% off MSRP. The dealer at Palo Alto is insisting that they don’t quote buy rate and won’t budge from .0022 before MSD. Is this common for Audi dealers to inflate MF despite you knowing the buy rate?

Each stealership can set their own MFs. You vote with your wallet so if they won’t give you the buy rate- walk. Easy peezy- unless they have a rare vehicle. Then, you have to decide how bad do you want it.

Go see @Audigirl at Audi Fremont. Fletcher Jones owned and sister store to Audi Beverly Hills. Looks like she’s making some pretty solid deals- esp for the Bay Area.

When I lived up north- I was in the market for 2017 A4 at the time. Audi PA used the hard sell tactic with the sales guy and his boss with intimidation and hard-sell tactics. It was my first time test driving the car at that time and it was Black Friday weekend so I was just starting to look. And most of all, I don’t respond in that manner- it just pissed me off more.

Turns out that they are owned by the same company that owns Audi San Diego where I had some of my best sales experiences with Don Bragg. No pressure and very respectful of time- we did our negotiations thru text and email.

Not only did I leave Audi PA- stunned and irate- even my original assigned sales person who handed me off to his “wonderful” colleague since he was in middle of a deal when I arrived- he saw what happened and actually, apologized to me since I didn’t know what just happened and I was still seated and processing it. It was something that I had heard of, but never experienced.

I ended up flying to SD to get my new A4 on Dec 31. So personally, I would never buy from Audi PA. Fremont dealership is brand new- I was at the grand opening back in 2017-8. Mostly nice people, gorgeous facility, and they seem very willing to negotiate to get a deal done.

I almost flew up last Black Friday weekend to do my Q5 deal, but then, the 2 typical contender dealerships in LA made some serious engagement so I didn’t need to fly up north.

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There is a major Shortage of S5 sports back nationally . I only have 2 in stock and 1 coming on the water and I’m the largest Retail Audi dealer in the world . My advice is to go for a 2020 A7 instead. With your 10% Costco discount the payments will be mid 800s without MSDs . That makes the payments far lower than S5 SB

Call me and I’ll hook you up


Whats the best audi deal with costco based on residual and MF other than the Etron lol?

A4, S4,SQ5 , A7, S6, S7 , A8 and S8


Nice- not just #1 in the US, but the world! Great job @Samaudibh and co. :clap: :muscle:


If hes Numba 1 in the world - He should have the manpower and capacity to ship these etron deals nationally lol

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I definitely wouldn’t want to deal with 50 other tax and DMV requirements- sort of like the lack of coordinated, national response on COVID-19- esp on eTrons when they are such big “losers”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

R8 or RSQ8- then, I’m sure it would worthwhile to do out of state. :rofl:

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haha - agreed – or you could tell the person to go register the car at the dmv themselves – just send the car along with the temp tag

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Thank you, Calbear. Your next Audi lease will be a buy rate deal from me :slight_smile: :grin:

It’s not my place to comment on how other dealers should sell (or not sell) their cars, but I can tell you that I had the same experience when I was leasing my M4. A local dealer told me that they will do my price but they don’t do buy rate deals. It was only 600 more over the course of my lease and really, not a big deal. However, I politely thanked them for their time and got my car somewhere else at a buy rate. Like Calbear said you vote with your wallet. But if the selling price is ridiculously low, do some calculation. It may be worth it to take a bigger discount and pay a small increase in the back.

Unfortunately, I only have one S5 and it’s spoken for. But if you’re still in the market when I get my next S5, come find me. I’m just across the bridge.


Too much headache not worth it for the hackd deals .


@calbear i had to do a double take on your post complimenting @Audigirl, because i thought you were me. (Almost identical username, and I’m also a fan of Samantha’s professionalism - I’ve only experienced it in real life via e-mail/text, but was surprised to see her here on the forums!)

Had to re-read the post and think to myself “but wait, I want an SQ5, not an S5… did I forget to type a letter?”

You legitimately had me confused for a second. And go Bears!!!