2020 Audi S4 Premium Plus Deal Check

I am a newb when it comes to leasing. I have never leased before. Just got a quote on the 2020 Audi S4 Premium Plus. $756.31 x 36months. I got a quote on 36/15k What do you guys think??

MSRP: $57,800

Discount: $$4,039

Incentive(Audi Lease cash): $2,000

Selling Price: $51,761

They did not provide me with MF and RV…

Looks like you need to take a look at Leasing 101 since you are a “newb”. Verify incentives, MF, RV. Otherwise this is a terrible deal.

As you said it, you need to study what comprises the datapoints for a lease.

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I was told the MF is 0.00139 and Residual 53%

Your website calculator screenshot doesn’t show it.

There are so many things to point out here. Down payment of 4.5k is a no no. Your discount is poor, pre-incentive discount is probably abismal.

Who told you the MF and residual are those values? It seems like you should not be talking to a dealer unless you have a deal to offer them.

MSDs aren’t even an option in this calculator.

Please, before you do anything else - read up on Leasing 101 and apply that knowledge forward.

Good luck.

I got a 2020 S4 premium plus on memorial day (socal santa monica audi)

$570 a month $2400 due at signing. 36months/10k miles a year

-Carbon fiber trim
-black optics wheels/trim
-Bang and Olusen audio

I just don’t have the S sport package (red brakes and sport differential). I don’t track the car so I don’t care about not having the sport diff. I also don’t have the audi navigation, but I don’t care since the 2020 is touchscreen and supports apple car play.

They gave that car away. What dealer discount did you negotiate?

I contacted a bunch of dealers. Van Nuys said $750 a month with 5k down (go f*** yourself), Valencia also said $700+ a month (again go f*** yourself), Calabasas said around $640 a month +tax, and finally Santa monica gave me that figure.

S4 is a sick car, but not worth near $800 with tax, that’s M4 money.

So all in all a few dollars over $600 with tax included for a car with 59k sticker was fine with me.
Only paid the tax, first month payment, and fees down.
I paid out of pocket to get out of my old car which was a 2011 S5 at 66k miles (financed at 72 months so I was negative, not a smart move I know yes will never finance for that long again)

  • Audi S and RS models don’t lease well period.
  • I forgot the exact discount(I’ll look over the paperwork), but it was decently discounted.
  • M340i was coming out to $540 + tax (I feel the last gen 340i drove much better)
  • C43 AMG was coming out to a little over $700 a month tax included (LOL)

Ask for Zac at Santa Monica Audi. Only dealer I went to that wasn’t trying to rail me.
The finance manger, Nick was also nice to deal with.

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Good deal on the S4 man. I got an 2019 A4 Prestige for $592 from them last year so considering your’s is a S4 that’s an awesome deal. I worked with Zac too btw. How did you negotiate the price?

I got an Audi S4 Premium Plus this weekend in LA. MSRP was a little over $56K. Did the Costco deal, but I didn’t qualify for loyalty or conquesting.

$2,500 due at signing (included 1st payment), $525/mo with tax included. I did 7,500 miles, 3 years. Even before COVID, I worked from home so I wasn’t doing more than 6K miles/yr for the last 2 years.

I opted to do the max MSDs, which was $4,500 and dropped the monthly to $495. I just looked at the MSDs as an investment opportunity, so even though it’s not getting me back the $100+/mo I’ve seen on here, it’s still a “free” $1,100 over the course of the lease. If I was doing something more with that money, or thought I’d need it in a pinch, I would have stayed with the deal as-is and still been very happy with my deal terms. The $500 Costco gift card is also a nice bonus.

For anyone in the LA area, there were several great dealers I worked with. I purchased at Pasadena, and their staff was fantastic. But I also had great experiences - and options - dealing with the folks at Valencia and Santa Monica.

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Congratulations. That’s a great deal

Post the full details of your deal. Thx.