2020 Audi S3 deal?


I’m trying to get the actual lease sheet so I can see the numbers but do you guys have any preliminary thoughts on this lease for a 2020 Audi S3 Premium - $46k MSRP, 36mo/10k miles, for 468/mo with just taxes and fees out of pocket?

Thanks for the help and advice!

Hard to tell without the breakdown of dealer discount, incentives, blah blah. But given the info provided, it definitely seems high on a dated, glorified Golf.

Haha, opinions of the car aside, it seemed a bit high to me too. But I’m still new to all of this so I defer to you guys. If I decide to go with the S3, they are pushing the lease hard right now because of the incentives. I think its $3500 in lease cash but I’m still waiting to see the numbers. Getting them is like pulling teeth.

I would always recommend reaching out to several dealers via email. If they don’t want to give you the info needed, try some others out.

Will do. Thanks for the advice.

If there’s $3500 in lease cash it’s probably safe to assume the dealer is not discounting the car much. Judging by those numbers. Could be part of their hesitation to break down the deal. It may reveal minimal dealer discount.

You’re getting about a 10% discount at buy rate if your drive off is ~$1800… This is pretty fair for any Germany luxury brand. You could push for 11.5%, but for a similar or lower monthly, I would highly recommend looking at an A4- more space, better interior, and roughly the same engine. In fact, you could even look at a lightly optioned S4.

Agreed. Historically, S4s have leased better than S3s.

Thanks for the advice guys. I will see what I can find.

It looks like there is $3500 lease cash for the S3 and $1500 for the S4 so i would think the lease options for the S3 would be better for the time being, correct?

Depends on how aggressive the dealer is on discount and what the money factor and residual are. If the S4 has higher residual and lower money factor then it could still yield the better lease even if the lease cash is less. Gotta look at all the numbers.

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No, you can’t judge a deal on just 1 factor. A8s have a ton of lease cash, but they don’t lease well. You need to get a breakdown with all the required info to evaluate. People don’t ask for the information in every thread just for fun.

Still waiting on numbers. They really don’t want to give them up. Makes me think there is something there they don’t want me to see.

Find another dealer. I would not want to do business with a dealership that is not been transparent. Take your money somewhere else.

These should be the numbers for the S3 lease assuming I have the $3500 lease cash in the right place (taxed). Not terrible, not great in my mind. I guess my question is, when would this be considered a good deal in your guys mind? How much would they have to knock off the sales price to make up for the low residual? Is that even realistic?

Would it be worthwhile if I told them I would do it if they could throw in Audi Care for free? Wouldn’t that raise the residual to 51% as well? Is that something they even are known to do?

I would aim for at least 10% off MSRP.

Worse case, dealer will say no to your offer.

Don’t hold your breadth on that. Audicare does increase the residual by 1%.

Thanks. I was just thinking Audi Care might be a possibility since BMW already includes maintenance for free for the first few years.

I hear you but no Audi dealer is going to “throw” that in for free. I paid for it on my 2018 A4 lease.
Btw, Audi does not normally discount their cars as much as BMWs.

I agreed to this deal- they came down to 11% off plus lease cash. Thanks for all the help, guys.

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