2020 Audi A4 lease advice


Hey Guys,

I am working on an Audi A4 deal, below is my best offer.

Model: A4
Trim: Premium Plus
Options: S Line, Audi Beam - Rings, Audi Guard All-Weather Floor Mats, Sport Suspension
MSRP: $46,185
Discount: $8,118 incl lease cash, loyalty
Selling Price: 38,067
MF: 0.00064
RV: 55%
Monthly Payment - $392
Drive off: First month + Tax + Acquisition Fee + Doc Fee + DMV = 3,305

What do you guys think of this deal?

Welcome back.

I would be helpful if you could share your information in a way that is most helpful for us to review:

$46,185 MSRP
-$ 4,xxx Dealer Discount
$4x,xxx Target Selling Price Pre-Incentives

-$ xxx Lease Credit: Current (verified with edmunds.com)
-$ x,xxx Conditional Incentives: Loyalty, Conquest, College, etc
$38,067 Net Cap before Capitalized Fees

0.00xxx Buy Rate MF (verified at Edmunds)

  • MSRP: $46,185
  • Dealer Discount: $4,618

Target Selling Price Pre-Incentives: $41,567

  • Lease Cash/Credit: $2,500
  • Loyalty: $1,000

Net Cap before Capitalized Fees: $38,067

  • Buy Rate MF: 0.00064
  • RV: 55%

Monthly Payment: $392

  • Drive off: First month ($392) + Tax($1,399) + Acquisition Fee ($895) + Doc Fee ($742) = $3,428
  • Zip: 11369 (NYC)

Please provide any feedback. Thanks!

Take it. Looks like a decent deal. Do msds.

Are you getting this program through Costco’s car buying program?

Yes, I am @824

A 10% pre-incentive discount (confirm you are at buy rate MF) on a turnkey deal with little effort is nice. It just comes down to how much your time is worth. Do you want to spend a chunk of time trying to squeeze out another $475-$950 discount from some other dealer. Covid caused a production shut down that led to tight inventory. Tight inventory = less discounts. And less inventory to choose from. I hope you get what you want. I haven’t checked what the brokers are offering here, I suggest you take a peak.

Is the deal based on 10k miles per month?

@Iahmed1995 - Don’t forget to add Audicare for a 1% bump in residual.

@yuyuyu0905 based on 36/12k

@Bluemkn57cars is this still available? bumps the payment $20, a total of $720, I can’t justify the car needing $720 worth of service (not using the dealer for service).

@824 Thanks for the advice.

It is always available. I believe it is $999 (MSRP) for the A4. With it being residualized, your RV will increase by 1% to 56%.

Although, your first oil change at 10k miles is covered by Audi for free, additional oil changes could be pricey on an Audi.

EDIT: I leased a 2018 A4 and added Audicare. It was a little cheaper than $999. IMO, it is worth it.

What area of the country are you in? I am in Oregon and trying to work out a deal but MF seems high compared to what you’re getting.

Your deal is Kosher. Take it

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@Pat_Powers I am in NYC (11369), what MF are you getting? Dealers often mark up the MF.

Compare the MF and RV with https://forums.edmunds.com/discussion/59108/audi/a4/2020-audi-a4-lease-deals-and-prices/p6

I’m getting 0.00119. This is the current offer I got:
MSRP $49,795.00
Discount -$4,979.00
Internet Price $44,816.00
Applied Rebates-$1,500.00
Final Vehicle Price $43,316.00
License $408.50
Title fee $103.00
Title & reg proc fee $115.00
Bank fee $895.00
Total Fees $1,521.50
General $169.38 (no idea what this is…)
State $216.58
Total Taxes + $385.96
Money factor is .00119
Residual is 56%

@Pat_Powers Is this a straight 10% Employee Discount Costco deal? Looks like OR gets stuck with an ugly buy rate MF at 0.00119 (no markup correct?) - and you get the lower $1,500 lease cash. Audi needs to show more love to the west coast.

Yes, that’s the 10% employee discount. Dealer says they cannot give me the dealer mark down in combination with the Costco deal. I’m told there is no mark-up on the MF. I agree we need more love out here. The rates are painful when comparing to the east coast especially.

Can you elaborate on this point. I am not following.

Can someone let me know if this is a good lease deal?

Not a good deal. You are not even getting a 10% pre-incentive discount. At the minimum, you should be shooting for that. Reach out to more dealers.