2020 alfa romeo giulia sport RW how is my deal?

How is this lease deal?
MSRP is $46,115
discount is $5000 bringing it down to $41,115
and qualify for $2,750 in rebates which bring the total down to $38,365, price is for a lease
drive off:1330
Leasehackr Score: 6.9 years
located in CA

Did you happen to confirm MF/RV/incentives with edmunds?

Just check with edmunds, what i saw is
39 /12
Sport: .00051 MF and 45% residual

Your calculator doesn’t match that info. When you say you saw, did you ask for your zip code? Or are you using numbers from another users post? What is the breakdown on those rebates? I would ask the dealer for a lease sheet and post it here.

Thank you for your advise! I just saw it on others’ post.
I will go post one another and ask for lease sheet.
appreciate it.

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Just makes it easier to help! Come back so we can make sure you get a deal

Compare to other cars here. This is a shit deal. Giulias are easy to hit 1%, infact shud be doable to get 0.9% as well.

it is my first time to lease a car. Are you talking about MF? is it a thing that i can negotiate with dealer?
Thank you for replying.

Yes and no. MF is set by the bank. Dealers can mark it up but u can negotiate back to the baseline rate.
Look at some of the deals here. If it doesn’t work out, go talk to Glendale or Orange or Van Nuys

Hi guys this is lease sheet i got.

You could do a lot better, especially in this economy.
Yours is roughly at $629/month for zero DAS. :grimacing:


Really confused about all the rate numbers. here is one from another dealer.
rate is 0.06%?

Any ideas about how to negotiate with dealers?

Seems high to me. There’s definitely more room for dealer discount, IMO. It isn’t like these are flying off lots, but then again inventory is probably somewhat limited due to the factory shutdown that occurred recently. I leased mine while inventory was still arriving stateside, so that may have helped.

For reference though, I got almost a 16% dealer discount before 5k in rebates on a ‘20 Ti Sport (MSRP of 55550). Paid $2750 upfront, of which $1700 went towards 1st month/taxes/their ridiculously bloated fees, leaving $1050 “down”. 24/15k. Payment is $507/month.

My advice is to cast your net far and wide if you’re willing to travel for a deal. And take your time finding a deal—it took a month of emails to get to where we ended up.

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Thank you for your advise!!