2020 Acura TLX Lease

I met a friend whom is the SM at a local Acura dealer. This is what he handed me. Thoughts?

There are $7000 in lease incentives that are factory to dealer. So your actual dealer discount is only $1000 or about 2.5%.

You can do way better than that - I’d venture at least 5-6% off before incentives. The TLX is not exactly a hot seller.

Also, you can make a security deposit which would be refundable and drop your MF from .00225 to .00215.

Yeah your friend sucks. This is an insulting offer.

And target 2019’s. They’re going to dig deeper in them and there’s no difference to the 2020.


Also, the MF is 0.00225, which is a big difference from. 0.00225%.

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Oh gosh I didn’t even see that.

APR is only used with Ford AFAIK. This guy really sucks!!

It’s clearly MF - system probably can’t show it right.

Yes, that’s the only one I can think of too. I remember when I discovered their ridiculous leasing formula that is not a normal way to arrive at a payment. So glad I left them in the dust. My 2012 Fusion was a great car and an amazing deal, but after that, ugh.

But it’s incredibly misleading and incorrect to call an MF an APR.

Someone should sic the ambulance chasing lawyers on them @AP919


You know I’m not an ambulance chaser! I don’t even technically practice. Plus, I’m only licensed in Massachusetts, not New Jersey. :wink:


They all say that until they see a really expensive ambulance :smile:

Check your PM i can beat this deal so badly that its not even funny!

edit: Friends aren’t your friends once they’re money involved!

This is exactly the reason why I’m going to continue coming back to this website for assistance, before signing on any line.