2020 Acura rdx base awd

Does anyone have lease experience/ deals on a 2020 Acura rdx base awd. Thanks

Expect a terrible deal. 2019’s still have a horrible program. Unless you’re married to it, I would suggest to look at other options.

Really? :roll_eyes:

Well, to be fair, the OP did ask for experiences w/ 2020 MY. :wink:

Of course, does anyone ever have good experience trying to get the new model year in August or September.

I was responding to douglashowitzer.

Ah. ::sigh::

I stand by my comment. Look at the insane discount on MSRP that had to be achieved just to get below 1% on a 10k deal. The program is horrible compared to most (high MF, low residual, poor incentives). I’d also say that’s an outlier and generally not to be expected. But maybe things are turning around with the 2020’s imminent.

Hello Chris. Where can I get an rdx deal like the image you sent. Are you a broker. If so please call me. 4088914447. Thanks

Where does it say that @chrishs2000 is a broker?