2020 Acura RDX A-Spec Lease Deal - Florida numbers

Hi Hackrs,

Updated:: Corrected the calculator

I found the below quote in the express online buy in one of the dealers in Florida. I have tried my best to put the online quote in the calculator, can you confirm if I’m accurate and is this a good deal?

Thats the calculation i had prepared based on these numbers

Appreciate your inputs here.

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Where did you get the MF numbers you plugged in to the calculator? No way MF is .00301

I’d ignore the cap cost increase in their ad. They’re just showing how they offset the DAS to be $0 DAS.

You need to start by going to Edmunds and confirmed RV/MF/Incentives

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I had to play around the MF to get to their monthly payment. the MF for Nov is around .00215. If I put that the monthly comes down to $514 including tax.

Maybe if I get the DAS configured correctly, i will have a more accurate MF of what they are using.

Just press the zero drive offs button to make the $0 DAS match

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I updated the numbers correctly now.

Make sure you verify incentives with edmunds, etc. Acura is notorious for offering direct to dealer incentives that make the selling prices look really low. Stuff like the MDX has been getting ~$8k in incentives like this that can make a really poor dealer discount look like an amazing deal to the uninformed.

Yes agreed, Edmunds has $2525 incentives, which was not provide in the quote any where. Would i qualify for additional incentive if I already lease a Honda? I can use these information to talk to the dealer directly.