2020 Acura NSX Gets A Massive $20,000 Discount

Not that I am in the market for a sports car, but $20k off an NSX is appealing but way out of my budget: https://www.motor1.com/news/431063/2020-acura-nsx-massive-discount/amp/.

Same incentive as previous years, but I don’t think lease deals will be anywhere as close.

Would love to see what people are getting quoted for these on a lease!

The article mentions $10,200 off a TLX lease. Might be able to get a good deal, if you don’t mind getting a soon to be updated model.

Mf is .00205 on these. Residual for 36 months is 54% on 7500 miles. With nothing down I got a payment of $2000/mo with a 20% discount. Not sure if that discount is possible but neither is a good lease on the NSX

20k off the NSX is not a great deal considering the 2017 deals were 30k excluding any dealer discounts. It would be impossible to get a sub-1500 payment without any significant cap reduction. As a Honda fanboy, my experience with the 2017, I’ll say that, even at the significantly discounted price of $126k at the time, the car was not worth the price of admission. It would be a great car at under $100k, but there are better options at the 125k+ price point. That’s another discussion altogether though.

The only TLX worth leasing is the A spec V6 AWD and there are only 20 left in the country unfortunately.

Good luck finding a dealer willing to play ball (good pre-incentive discount + full Acura incentive). Up here in the Northeast, Acura dealers tend to want to keep most of the incentives for themselves.

I would suggest an extended test drive for anyone wanting the current generation TLX. There’s a reason we are electing to offload our V6 A-Spec SH-AWD with 19k miles left on the lease with 8 months left to go. Even with the 10.2k incentive, you’re probably still looking at roughly 400/month payments on a car that was never an adequate performing car to begin with. Wait for the new Type-S.

I can’t disagree with that statement. At the $125k+ price point, some of the cars on my “wish list” would be the Audi R8, BMW 8 series/M8, Porsche 911.

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