2020 Acura MDX w/Tech


Hello hackrs!
I received this offer and was wondering what you all thought about the following terms from a dealer in GA.

2020 acura mdx w/tech
Msrp: $51,194.00
Selling Price before fees & taxes $42,661.00
Loyalty:$1,000; Incentive &,$7,700
Mileage: 15K/Term 36 Mo.
$649 per month/ $2,000 due at signing (includes 1st payment)
MF: 0.00250

Fees -Doc fee $899.00; Title $18.00; car Lemon law $3.00; Electronic registration $149.95; Title $20.00
Taxes $1,545.00
Acquisition fee $595

They’re giving you a discount of about $170, basically charging you full MSRP. You’re probably about $5000 too high on the selling price.