2020 Acura MDX A-Spec MSRP $56025 $530/month, $530 at signing in MD, 5 months early out of my current lease!

Sharing my deal on MDX A-SPEC in MD:

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Acura MDX A-Spec
MSRP: $56025
Monthly Payment: $530 (includes tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $530 (first monthly payment only)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10000 (rolled 8K miles from the previous lease, effectively 38K for 3 years)
MF: .00215
Residual: 53%
Incentives: $2000 loyalty
Region: MD yeah baby

I decided to trade 2018 MDX Tech AWD lease (5 payments left $530/month, I paid $530 at signing back in FEB 2018), which helped me to save on taxes considering 6% MD taxes on full selling price. The dealer offered my exact payoff so no positive equity is involved in the deal. Basically I upgraded from AWD Tech to A-Spec for the same payment! Delivery tomorrow!!! Wifey is happy!!!


How much were the dealer cash incentives?

It doesn’t matter since either with $4450 (0.00058 MF) or $8250 (0.00215 MF) I’m within 3 bucks from dealer quote.

It’s very helpful for others referencing your deal in the future though to know the details, which is the whole point of the share deals subforum.

As I said, both combinations of high incentive with low MF and low incentive with high MF give the same payment (within 3 dollars difference). Hope this helps.

Yes, having the numbers included is helpful.

I included the MF in my initial message, 0.00215. So the dealer cash is $8250. With $4450 lease cash I’m at 15.6% off before incentives.

If the dealer is buying out your previous lease, are you sure they can still roll over the un-used miles?

100% sure, but I can speak for MD dealer only :laughing:

This is helpful info for others referencing this in the future, as dealer cash varies by trim, region, and month.

Acura incentives are national but I will definitely follow your advice. I expected I was clear enough in my initial post.

Assuming that was inline with other market quotes?

Acura already has a 3 payments pull ahead on top of loyalty $2k. Dealers also may get a lower payoff from Acura directly for buying off a lease returned. On top, OP may also have positive equity depending on mileage (assuming it was 22kmiles op?)

Either ways, great deal ! Congrats

keep in mind that if you went with the higher rebate option, the payment difference is about $7 higher BUT your payoff is lower by an extra $4k which makes it a little easier to sell off the car in the middle of the lease if you ever have to. Also, with loyalty, money factor is .00215.

Both carvana and vroom offers were below payoff ($1100 and $150 respectively).

28k miles and no positive equity.

I understand all that. If using lease pull-ahead and rolling the 2 remaining payments, then it makes sense AFS would allow the rollover of un-used miles. The way the deal is structured above, the dealer is buying out the lease though. Does that affect the rollover of un-used miles?

Most likely the dealer is buying off the grounded vehicle. Just like we like to use all rebates possible, the dealership here maybe covering 2 monthly payments by taking a hit on new unit while getting AFS to payoff the 3 lease payments.
Edit: I just went back and read the whole MD tax thing.
OP did they have you sign a form for the rollover of miles ?

No, I just got an acura loyalty advantage certificate showing the rollover miles. It actually shows 9k, not 8k as I stated earlier so the deal just became a bit sweeter.


Interesting. I had to call AFS to get the miles rolled over, no certificate involved. Then the letter they sent listed the wrong miles so they are sending me a new one even though they confirmed it’s correct in the system. Make sure you are credited properly.

Also, nice deal and color. Lunar Silver looks great.

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