2020 330i M Sport + Live Cockpit

I am having a pretty difficult time coming anywhere near beating this price on a 330i M sport model, and I’m not sure I can do any better than these numbers. I can not get buy rate MF as my credit score is only 650 and BMWFS would not approve a lower rate :frowning: Something about this deal feels as if I am paying too much, but again, the residual and MF cant improve and this is a new car. Is this a fair discount and should I sign, if not at what price? I have spoken to several brokers that have not been able to beat this price on a buy rate MF which surprises me.

MSRP: $49095
Selling Price before incentive: $44087 (10.2% discount)
Incentives: $2750 ( Corporate fleet + lease cash)
Residual: 59%
MF: .00119
Drive off Total: $3000
Monthly including tax: $446
Region: SoCal

10% pre-incentive discount is good right now on a new BMW.

The marked up MF is only adding around $500 to the total lease cost over 36 months.

Of your $3k DAS you’re showing a $1,600 down payment. Don’t do that. Just taxes, fees, first month payment up front.

All in all the deal looks good, I’d have them re-run the numbers with no down payment though, but other than that I’d go for it.

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Why are you convinced that this isn’t a good deal? Is there a specific, imaginary number that you’re trying to obtain?

Removing the down payment is easy. Just tell the dealer to re-run the numbers with zero down, only taxes, fees, first month up front.

Um. This doesn’t make sense.


Haha that’s what happens when your try to make a quick post while being on a call… nvm

Haha just saw these responses now for some reason. Overall would you say this was a fair deal? I had originally agreed on $430 a month at buy rate before the credit check which came back low. I also made a mistake with down payment that I have updated on the calculator.

If your credit is bad, then it’s a solid deal.

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Agreed. The mf mark up isn’t much and you got a solid discount.