2019 XT5 FWD Base

So my lease is up and went to the dealer and this is what I was given.

MSRP 43945
adjusted cap cost 38384
MF .00136
RV is 23822 (54%?)
lease rebate of 6585
DAS is 1st months, DMV fees and Doc fees
Term was for 39 months 12k a year they are giving me a range of 445-470/month pending on credit

To me it seemed a little high as this is a loaner with 4k miles on it.

What’s the sales price?

MF is marked up. Buy rate for a 19 xt5 FWD Base is .00106 on 39 month term.

I think it was 42586, it was a little painful to get them to break the numbers down. I didn’t realize Cadillac doesn’t cover maintenance past 1st visit anymore on 2019 so doesn’t seem worth it to me to get one anymore. Thanks for all the help.

An oil change at a GM dealer is $50, give or take a few bucks. Not even a factor for leasing imho.

Luxury 2wd model has better MF, .00012 for 24-27; .00064 36;.00078 39; amd .00108 42-48

.54 is the 39 15k MF. 39 12k is .56

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Look for an 18 instead. 18 covers maintenance for 3/36.

MF on 18 @ 39 months would be .00024 w/$1612 CCR
RV for 39/39 would be 50%

Although RV is a few points lower than a 19, you have CCR to work with, a much lower interest and the advantage of the car being 1 model year old now to help negotiate a better sales price. In your area, you’d also qualify for a bonus $1,000 CCR and either $1,000 conquest or $1,500 loyalty incentives which aren’t available on the 19s.


If that’s the sale price, that discount is a complete joke. I’d want a minimum of 15% off on a car with miles, it’s a used car.

well, it is 12.7% off, so far from a “complete joke” if looking for 15% off. Not that far off for a first offer.

But, to the OP, as others have stated, might as well find a model with better MF.

Did they just try to sell you the car at MSRP and just subtract the rebates?

There are no rebates on a 19, unless you qualify for $750 loyalty.

Better than mine! I still could not add up the monthly lease…

Also the RV is 59% for 2019 model?


I got an AWD base for $333.83 a month with $0 down on a service loaner.

I got my father a FWD base for $284 a month with $0 down. His FWD did not come with heated seats, but we had the dealer install for $0 out of pocket. Both are 12/36 miles in addition to the 3,500 already on the cars. Both of ours are 2018 models and the deal was completed 1-2 months ago.

for 36/10, RV is 59%

5% discount is meager. You should be able to double that. The problem with the xt5 this month though is there’s very little money on the hood, so the leases won’t be very attractive.

You got in at the right time. Lease support is terrible for the 18s right now as of this month, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s pulled altogether next month. Interest over 5.5% and residuals below 50% for 36 months, with very little money on the hood. Your deals are impossible today. I got a Base AWD loaner for my wife back in Aug for 300/mo.