2019 XC90 T6 R-design - Please advise on offer

First dealer i contacted came back with this offer on a loaded T6 R-degisn XC90 with, advance package and polestar. Located in MA.

MSRP - $69,175
11% off MSRP
Sale price : 61,034
I haven’t mentioned incentives/rebates yet.

Govt fee 135
Doc Fee 539
Acq fee (not stated but i am assuming) $695
$658/month including tax. Tax rate 6.25%

Total $2325 down (1st payment, acquisition, doc, and reg). $7000 for total MSD. (Money factor reduced from .00112 to .00062)
Residual value of 39430 (57%)
39 months/10K.

Deal or no deal?

Thank you for your input

It is $995 now. And $2,000 allowance.

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ok thanks for the update on acq fee. I can’t seem to replicate the 658 number? Are any numbers missing?
Ideally. I would love to get atleast 11% off prior to the 2000 rebate.

Can you call me?


Would love to help you

Your sale price includes $2K allowance, so the dealer’s discount is 8.87%. Not bad, but could be better by another $500-600. I get $654/mo with your numbers.

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For $654, that is an amazing snatch! Here in Maryland it would be more due to our taxes…but still very solid! New Jeep GC are running 600s in DMV (the HEMI Limited).