2019 XC90 T5 AWD. 12kmiles, 36 months in Minneapolis. Any comments on this lease deal? Good?



Effectively $715/mo on $55k seems really bad.

Discount too small, MF is really high…

Yeah, I have a comment. You didn’t even bother to spell out what car is that exactly, only that it is an SUV and a Volvo in the tags.

XC90? Run mouse over bottom of picture

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I knew it was XC90 by looking at the MF LOL
But doesn’t change the fact that people ask for help and don’t even bother typing a few extra words.


Haha!! Sorry. Crazy work day n dealer wants answer by end of day. It’s a 2019 xc 90 with T5 awd momentum. Pretty basic with no add ons. The MF is less than 0.5% higher than what Edmunds quoted me.

Ya no kidding. Absolutely do not let this affect your decision.


You get almost 10% off before your $2,000 MN allowance. I’d try for more on a pretty base XC90 like this. Get buy rate from the dealer as per Edmunds and do 10 MSDs with this high MF. With this cap cost reduction this XC90 should be free :slight_smile: Don’t do it.

Borton or Kline?

Drop @Benedetto a message. He got me a smokin’ deal on '18 S90 T6 at last year.

This is Kline. The numbers from Borton are way worse on a similar equipped car. Nice! I have reached out to Benedetto. Did you have to travel to pick yours up?

Thx. The deal does show 10% off, right? Are u saying it should be easy/possible to get add another $2k off n then get the buy MF?

Buy rate is a must, especially because MF is already high as is. 2k would be 4%, so no. But $500-1,000 may be doable.
Initial cap cost shows 9.8% off, but not sure how they used your $3,600 down payment.

I have been shopping both Borton and Kline this week for a similar XC90, $799 from Borton for $0 down on a T6 Momentum loner.

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What is your sales tax rate? Something doesn’t look right.

Oh boy. Sounds like a worse deal than mine. :grimacing::grimacing:. And a loaner at that…

Tax is 7.5% and it has to be paid upfront in MN.

It’s 6.875%

Thanks. That what I also thought, but looked at a QX60 from Lupient and they quoted 7.5, for Hennepin county.

K. Live update. At the dealership n got it down to $462.41 per month. After buying down the rate with 10msds to 0.00158 for $5,000. Still have the taxes n fees upfront for an additional $5,000
What you guys think?

For some reference, I just leased at $68.2k T6 R Design for 588/mo with 3200 out of pocket which included NY sales tax of almost 9%, DMV, and first month. I would pay the minimum possible up front if it was up too me.

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