2019 XC60 T6 Momentum in CT — March numbers seem high 633/mo?!

Hi, I got this offer in 06880 on a 2019 xc60 T6 Momentum. The cap cost seems high, as does the monthly cost. Any thoughts?

XC60 T6 36 months- 12,000
MSRP $54755
SALE $49447
MF 0.00075
Residual 57%
205 miles
Government Fees $333
Conveyance Fees $499
ACQ Fee $995
Gross Capitalized Cost $50641
Rebate Loyalty $500
Net Cap Cost $50141
Amount Due $1567
Monthly $633

I am in the same ZIP but do NY and NJ Volvo leases. I just did a quick review on a XC60 T5 R Design which would be about a $50.5k car and it’s somewhere in the mid 500s – didn’t get full specifics yet.

I’ve got a few folks in NY and NJ that I deal with for better deals – you can PM me if you’d like.