2019 XC60 T5 options - which to pursue?

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Hey everyone, appreciate the help I’ve been getting here. I have more or less narrowed my search down to 3 Volvo XC60 T5’s. Yes, I know the T6’s generally are leasing better with higher incentives, but my dealer has been offering better on the T5’s, so here we are. All options are 1st month and admin fee DAS. All share .00098 MF, 58% Residual, and $2,500 incentives including loyalty. 36/12k.

Option #1: Loaner w/ 5,100 miles
MSRP: $54,855 (includes Premium, Multimedia, and Advanced packages)
Monthly: $485
Score: 9.7 years
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My main concern here is that with 5,100 miles already and assuming I max out my 36k in 3 years, wouldn’t that put me at risk for needing to replace tires and brakes before lease end? That would suck.

Option #2: New T5
MSRP: $53,555 (includes Premium and Advanced packages)
Monthly: $491
Score: 9.4 years
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Option #3: New T5
MSRP: $51,700 (has Premium/Multimedia packages, but not Advanced :frowning:, is my favorite colors)
Monthly: $477
Score: 9.3 years
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Both new ones have between 13% and 14% off before incentives, while the loaner has 16.6% off before incentives. Looks like my dealer is sitting on 15 T5 Momentum’s, which may be why he is trying to move them. My questions:

  1. The loaner has all 3 major packages I want, but I worry about the wear & tear. Any advice?
  2. What would you do?

Thanks a ton!

To me, no advanced package makes #3 a non starter. The pilot assist is a non negotiable for me on the volvos.

The new volvos are not kind to their brakes. I just had to do the rears on my 23k mile s90, so expect to have to do brakes on either.

I really don’t see the advanced package as a must-have, though many people do. I’ve never used adaptive cruise control in any car, nor have I really used cruise control in general. I had a loaner XC60 with the HUD, and it was like a weird hologram in the middle of the road…with information right in the regular display anyway.

My car came with park assist because it was hard enough to find the color combo, and I haven’t tried to use that either. OP needs to decide if the advanced package is necessary, worth it.

What trim are any of these, @kcmo123? I didn’t look up the incentives for the KC-area, but here in the NE for instance, the incentives are the highest on a T5 R-design right now, and the MF is the lowest – tied with a T5 inscription (but the inscr. has lower incentives and a 1% lower residual).

#2 probably has leather package also, unlike two others?

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I agree with the previous post. I had to put brakes on my wife’s XC90 around 27k miles. So plan on brakes on all 3 deals. Tires could def be an issue on #1. Pilot assist is awesome. You can keep the headlight washers. Cornering lights are pretty good. 360 camera was not as useful as other cars I have had. NEVER touched park assist. Never drove a Volvo with the HUD.

Personally to me the difference between 1 and 2 or $6 mo I would take the new model for $6 or $216 over the life of the lease. What matters more to you the advance package or the color? If it comes down to 2 or 3 is pilot assist, HUD, cornering lights “worth” $14 more a month $504 over 3 yrs? Only you can evaluate that.

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I’m with you on most of these. Headlight washers are whatever. I like the cornering lights, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to add them. The 360 camera is nice, but again, wouldn’t go out of my way to get it. Takes more effort to use pilot assist than to just park the car. I’ve used the HUD and don’t find it beneficial.

Of the 23k miles on my car, I’d bet I’ve had pilot assist on for at least 15k of it. It makes driving in traffic or drives on the highway so so much better. One of those things you never know you need until you use it.

@Ursus all 3 have “Leather Upholstery” package, actually.

@AP919 all 3 of these are Momentum.

@mllcb42 good to hear the Pilot Assist works that well. I’m a heavy cruise-control user, so I think I would love it. Is the 12 inch driver display that much better than the 8 inch? I don’t really care about the premium sound.

Great thoughts, everyone. If I were to target #2, any suggestions to improve? Or is 13.6% discount pre-incentive as good as I am likely to do?

The 12" display is much nicer looking than the 8". Having the navigation shown there is really nice as well.

Personally, I’d try for a bigger discount on the loaner and go that route. They have the loaner discounted 3% more, which is only about $1600 less. They got $3000 from volvo for using it as a loaner.

Further, the RV is $1000 less because of the mileage penalty, so you’re basically saving $600 over the lease to take the loaner instead of a brand new unit. Push for a 19-20% discount.

You’ll also save money my maxing MSDs.

I’d go with the loaner and push for this:

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Thanks @mllcb42.

To add a wrench, a 4th option emerges :smiley:. A T6 for the following. Is the T6 worth the extra or targeting this as my choice?

Option #4: New T6 Momentum
MSRP : $56,055 (includes Premium and Advanced packages)
Monthly : $500
Score : 9.7 years
Calculator Link

No multimedia. Find Inscription.

@Ursus Right. Problem is I really need to be at $450/month for budget reasons and I’m moving the wrong direction.

Did you look at the R-design or do you not like the seats/interior?

By the time you have the premium, advanced, and multimedia packages on there, there isn’t much difference in price between the momentum and the inscription.

@ap919 has the right idea though. R-design is the way to go as far as incentives/MF/RV go.


Edmunds showed me that a T6 R-Design has MF of .00105 and 58% residual. What am I missing?

Extra $2k in incentives.

Inscription gets the extra incentives, but takes a bigger hit on RV/MF.

R design seems to be the sweet spot overall with the three combined.

Edmunds didn’t mention any extra incentives on R-Design when I asked. Is the $2,000 on top of the other $3,500 + $500 loyalty? So $6,000 total?

Ignore the starting MSRPs because I think my friend for whom I made the sheet changed some of them (base for each model), and these incentives are for the NE, but the MFs and residuals are the same in all regions. Add 2% for 12k.

What zip code are you in?

When I look online on Vovlo, and double-confirmed from Edmunds website, I see $3,500 incentive for all T6 and $2,000 for all T5. Then $500 loyalty on top that. The R-Design’s don’t show any more incentive for me.

Correct. That is what I just saw too. So the T6 has more incentives this month, but the MF is higher, and it costs $4,000 more. The extra $1,500 in incentives doesn’t really make up for it, unless the dealer discounts it more, which it probably wont be.

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