2019 VW Tiguan SEL Loaner

Hi Guys!

Looking for some assistance on a deal for a 2019 Tiguan SEL loaner I am working on. Upfront, here are numbers they initially provided me. Not much discount upfront that I am seeing. Waiting to hear back on incentives and MF.

Terms: 39/12
MSRP: $30,681
Selling Price: $28,324
Residual: 50%
MF: Waiting
DOC: $699
MV: $395
Monthly: $359.00
Mileage on Car: 7,950

Considering this is a loaner, I definitely think I should be able to get a deeper discount but not sure how to navigate this. First time trying to lease a VW so not sure what percentage people are getting on discounts. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


I bought a 2018 VW Tiguan SEL demo vehicle with around 7K miles a year ago.

MSRP was $33.7K and I got it for $28K – so around a 16% discount.

We decided to finance because my wife drives about 20K miles a year.

Any thoughts fellow hackrs?

Make them an offer

2k off is like a discount on a new car. Ask for 4K off man.

Just heard back from the dealer. Failed to mention the “actual” MSRP on the car is 34,684. Below is the link to the car if any one wants to check it out.

Cannot encourage you enough to avoid this dealer. I have had multiple experiences with them where they bait and switch vehicles (advertise one but it was just sold before you got int) and even where we’ve gotten to putting numbers on paper, they have crazy fees and markups from the nationwide programs.

I got my deal @ Toms River VW. I would recommend them, they met everyone of my negotiating demands.