2019 VW Jetta SE

Hey All,

Looking for feedback on this Jetta SE lease in Missouri.

MSRP: 24,119
Cap Cost: 21500
Term: 36/12k
Residual: 51% (12300.69)
Incentives: $1150 (lease cash, included in cap cost reduction)

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I do have VW Partner Pricing eligibility and Mr dealer claims that this includes partner pricing. I’m thinking I need to do better on the selling price to bring this deal down to reality. Any thoughts?

With partner program you basically get an extra $500 off of whatever you negotiate(program states invoice minus $500), I’d cast a wider net and see how deep some other dealers are willing to go on the discount, July auto sales were supposedly pretty terrible. See what the program is next month unless someone wants to offer something under $250 with little to nothing down this month

Thanks, that is likely what I will end up doing unless I can get one of the dealers I’ve reached out to offer something low to move a unit at the end of the month.

I’d shoot for 10% off before partner $500 and lease cash.

I’m still waiting for other dealers I reached out to respond but it seems like I’d have to be at 10% off before partner and lease cash to be at a reasonable monthly on this Jetta.

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what deal did you end up getting ?

decided to wait it out