2019 VW Jetta SE Lease

If they are rolling all that stuff in, I’m going to bet on them hiking your money factor as well. You should check the edmunds forum to make sure you are getting a fair rate.

Two dealers isn’t enough, hit up every dealer in Tucson and maybe a couple in Phoenix. I can understand the tint in AZ but all that other stuff is bull crap. Look into the partner program and see if you qualify or sign up for USA cycling or SCCA and get at least invoice minus $500 on the price plus whatever lease cash.

Since you are in Tucson, I would check out Camelback VW in Phoenix. You will get a better deal than the store in Tucson, and make it worth the drive up

R Line 39 months 12k miles. $500 down $329 per month. Sign and drive. Includes DMV, first month and tax. Sticker is 25,334. Includes cold weather package, Matt’s and 2 year maintenance. Good deal???

Too much for that car, you need more details

What do you mean by more details?

Never lease a car from Mephistopheles.

Selling price, mf, residual, tax rate

Just a reminder and an example, Camelback VW in Phoenix tints their new cars and charges $499. If you take a car (from somewhere else) to their service and ask for it to be tinted, the price is $159. So NEVER EVER pay these ridiculous fees that they try and sucker you in on when purchasing a new car. All those add-on’s are complete garbage.

At the end of the day everyone has to find the lowest overall cost of the lease. Doesn’t matter what each line item says or if the MF is jacked up, find the bottom line for as far as you’re willing to travel.

R line MSRP is 25,119. Sell price is 23,664. Money factor is .00001
Residual is 51percent
Tax rate 6.25
2000 down plus registration and first month so around 2550 down
279 per month
39 month 12k

Good deal?

No, do not put $2k down on this. Aim for a larger discount and $0 down and only 1st month payment. And no incentives right now so might wait till July and see what comes up?

Effectively $337/mo with just first DAS, nothing special. You missed the boat on all the 3 series give aways, I think a $25k jetta for $337 is tough to swallow. How many vw dealers have you gotten quotes from?

Found one without a 500 option I don’t need so MSRP is 24,500. Price is 1k down along with dmv and first month for 292 per month. Prices are getting better as I am working 3 dealers. Car was discounted down to 21,800 which is not bad I believe. I think my next move is ask for 1k down 292 a month and they take care of dmv ($250) and the first month. That sounds like a great deal. Btw thank you for your help!!!

Good deal?


MSRP - 24,334



MF - .00001

TRADE ALLOWANCE - $13,464.55


39/12K Miles per year

Monthly payment with taxes included $308 with first months payment down

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Not really, the Jetta isn’t leasing well as of late, they tanked the residual and lowered the MF to basically zero. Have you looked at this thread? Gives you an idea of what to shoot for, although by the time you throw the trade in and more miles and taxes, your deal doesn’t look so bad. Have you shopped the trade with the usual suspects like carvana and vroom?

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Looking over at edmunds, there’s probably $2000 to $3000 lease cash, so they might be playing some hide the weenie with the trade. Keep shopping around

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One other thing, not sure where you are, but you might consider 36 mo if you’re in a state where you’ll have to buy reg for a whole 4th year on a 39mo lease.

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No I haven’t but I will look into it! Thank you

Also check if you qualify for vw partner program through your employer/spouse, gets you another $500 off.

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