2019 VW GLI S - $334/48 - 1st month DAS

I am in the market for a new lease in TX and leaning towards GTI/GLI from VW. There are a few manual 2019’s in my area but their offers do not seem to financially viable despite their year and transmission.

I went in the dealership a couple of weeks ago and got slightly worse numbers than this. Was hoping that, this being the end of the month/quarter + Coronavirus slowing everything down, they’d be more willing to play ball. Any way to get a better deal on this? Willing to go down to 10k/y, but really for around $300/month or slightly less.

NEW 2019 VW Jetta GLI 2.0T S

The residual completely kills this…

U should consider something else that residual is bad

Jettas, and VW in general, lease terribly so this is never going to look good. I’d go for a Golf GTI, maybe used, and probably just finance it over a longer term if you need to get to a certain monthly payment. I’d definitely avoid a 48k mile lease as you end up paying a lot more for maintenance like tires, brakes, etc and you lose the advantages of a lease.

The other alternative would be a base Alfa Romeo Giulia. It’s not a manual but the handling is superior. Just make sure to go for a 24 month lease as the 30k service is expensive. The monthly payment might be a little more than this quote though, but it’s worth considering.

I would not lease a 2019. I would buy it and keep it as a daily driver. Beside, it has better warranty and VW is advertising 0% x72 month.

Also, one of the other things to consider (on this lease or any other) is limiting the lease term to no longer than the B2B warranty period.

I went to another dealer for GTIs on that same day and they gave me just as bad numbers, but obv higher (about $100/m extra).

I love how the other alternative is a Giulia! Those are beautiful and I’d certainly take one if the price was right. My local dealer happens to have 14 of some 2019s! So I reached out to see if they can provide some decent numbers. Thanks for your input!

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts. I thought I could get something better on this but it sounds like that won’t be possible. I’ll keep looking around then!

The dealer came back with new numbers, unsure if there’s anymore room. I was really shooting for $300/month (ideally 36m) but that still seems a bit far.

$0 down
36mo $334 – MF .00094
39mo $325 – MF .00094
48mo $312 – MF .00134

$500 down
36mo $320
39mo $311
48mo $301

I had my heart set on a VW Jetta GLI Autobahn edition back in November 2019. Found a dealer 90 miles away that had 19 GLI’s on the lot. In short- did my “homework” and was prepared to “overpay” if necessary…with that, unfortunately I had to walk away- GM flat out said he would kill to get me in one, but as you are experiencing, and others have mentioned, they lease horribly! Good luck!

With his horrible residual, making a loan payment would be better deal.

I worked with the Sales Manager for a day or so and he’s gone down to $300 DAS, $300/month, 48m and 10k. Still chatting with 1-2 dealers but I think I’ll take that deal. It’s certainly not amazing but these cars don’t lease really well to begin with.

Are you stuck on only a VW?

Over $16k to drive a car for 4 years that you could own for around $22k-$24k. I would just finance it at that point, personally.

VW is doing 0% financing for 72 months and 180 days deferred payments! You can finance this for 72 months for under $400 a month with zero down (that’s with tax included) and no payments for 6 months! I would definitely finance over lease!

If you’re buying look for any 2019s which are the last of the 6yr warranty cars IIRC

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