2019 VW Atlas Se Tech


Happy Sunday Hackers. I love this site btw. I’m upgrading from a Passat to an SUV. Was going to go the Tiguan route but a deal for an atlas came up and I might not be able to pass it up. Still only day two of going over numbers so still waiting to finalize. Tell me what you think.

From the dealer. New York
The 2019 Atlas SE w/ Tech is $419 mon w $768 due at signing, MSRP 42,619, Sales Price 34,974.55 (17.9% discount) and RV 23,866.64. The military rebate and $500 is considered as money down. MF is 00151 which is a little higher than I expected especially since the July incentive was under 2%.

Need to ask salesperson what $500 she is referring to. I also have two more lease payments on my Passat and still waiting to see what happens with that. I feel this is a very strong deal but I would like to push for another 500-750 off. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thank you.