2019 VOLVO XC90 AWD is this a good deal?

Good Day eveyone,
I am new to this whole lease thing. So i went to a local volvo dealer in NJ and i just wanted to see if this was a good deal

T5 momentum
MSRP: $59,000.00
Cap Cost: $53,000
RV: 57%
MF: .00115
Monthly payment: $650.00
paying nothing upfront except taxes,first payment and fees.
for 36mo/12k

Thank you for your help

Try to push for 12%+ discount and in NJ you can do MSDs to bring the MF down. Also there should be some incentives you can get by going to Volvo.com.

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Check Edmunds to see where the incentive are for the XC90 – that and the MF may differ based on whether it’s Momentum, R Design, or Inscription. $59k MSRP means it’s got some stuff in it and you may be better served with a higher model.

Not an expert but I just leased an XC90 T6 R-design (pretty loaded) $73.5K MSRP
paying $663 month for 36/10 NY taxes rolled in. 1st month DMV and $399 dealer fee at signing (plus 6 MSDs) which dropped lease from $699 to $663

Have you driven the T5? If so does it have enough power for you. I have read it is borderline in the XC90. Most XC90’s are T6

Both the Inscription and R-Design have 4K Volvo to dealer incentives the Momentum 2K (in T6, not sure about T5)

Worth looking at the other models. I ended up with an R design that was 11K higher MSRP for only $50 more per month over a 62K momentum.

Worth a call to Riley Volvo in Stamford. That is where I went (from Long Island). No real hassling at all about the deal. I did get it last week at the end of the quarter so may make a difference. Salesman was Lee Weston. Even if you are too far a way in Jersey I suspect you will get a better deal to at least use for bargaining. And if you are close enough probably worth the ride.
Good luck


thank you. It nice to get an idea. I really want to reduce my payments. We actually test drove the T5 and it was fine.

@SC204’s deal was better, to be sure, either with or without MSDs. I’ve not looked at incentives for XC90s for April but there was significant funding attached to the R Design (across many Volvo models) that made it advantageous. On the XC90, I think it was something like $4,000. These incentives result in a more optioned-out car, higher MSRP, and lower monthly rate.

Check over on Edmunds to see what incentives, MF, and residuals apply in your region to the XC90 with various trim levels. You may want a higher trim level to enjoy a lower cost.