2019 Volvo XC60 R-Design



Would you please advice on the below offer for fully loaded XC60 R-design?
** 2019 XC60 R Design -T6 AWD
** MSRP $62,000
** 39month /12 K
** MF,Residual & Selling price: Unknown Yet
** This is in NJ
** Offer: $635 Monthly, $3,000 Total Due at Sign including doc, regist., tax, fees & 1st payment,etc.

Appreciate your feedback on the deal. Thank you!


That’s about what I was offered by a local dealer. I replied that I was looking for closer to $500 mo with inceptions at signing. They replied that I need to look at a non R design vehicle. We left, dealer called once or twice…We put off the new car until late this year


Rs actually have highest RVs. Slightly higher MFs also.


@Ursus On a 36/10K for an XC60 T5 R, I’m getting 56% Residual and .00082 MF.

Sound right to you?


On 2019:
T5 R FWD .00040/55%
T5 R AWD .00062/57%
$1,000 allowance on both in NE


Good to know thanks Volvo Corporate!


I’m actually trying for a $53K Evouque SE Prem. Have $448/mo incl. VA tax and acquisition with $1,280 DAS :slight_smile:


Thank you! What do you think about the above offer for the 2019 R Design T6 fully loaded XC60, is it decent deal?


Who knows if you don’t even know the selling price? I get $605/mo at 9% off dealer discount and $2,000 allowance with everything DAS.
$560/mo with 10 MSDs
.00095/55% on 39/12


Working on XC60 Momentum T6
MSRP: $55.8k
Selling Price: $49k
DAS = $1,200
Month = $565 and that includes tax in it (NJ)
Seems good based on what i’ve read. But new to the board. thanks all!