2019 Volvo XC60 R-Design T8 Lease Check

Hope you can Help.

Looking at some dealers and talking to them about offers on a 2019 XC60 T8 R-Design. 36 Mo/10k miles

Fully loaded - 21" Wheels, Advanced, Bowers+Wilkins Sound, Air Suspension, Heated Rear seats and steering wheel, Red Key, Protection Package, Red Key.

How does this deal look? Would love any insight. If possible, do you see where I could negotiate further down?

Thank you!

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Isn’t VCFS backed by Bank of America? This sheet shows that the lease is being financed by Chase. Have you checks edmunds to see what the RV is for this particular car?

If none of the cash down is for security deposits, I’m sure others will give their opinion as to that portion.

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I think they are. But definetely VCFS <> Chase. Should show VCFS on the deal sheet.


It’s a R&R screen. I wonder if they also sell Subaru, Mazda, or Jaguar/Rover?

Yes, Also a Jag/Volvo dealer.

Any feedback on the quote? Can I do better?

Have you confirmed MF/RV/incentives with Edmunds?

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The RV is hella low so check the MF and work the discount.

Is that really $5k down and 600/mo plus tax? The T6 leases better.

Edmunds showing RV as anywhere form 43-47%. MF .00001…where can i beat them up a little more?

Also - what’s a typical T6 Leasing for in your experience?

Did you post and ask for the residual, MF, and incentives for your zip code, term, miles?

That MF sounds way too low for a T8.

43-47%; MF .00001

$5,002 federal rebate

I just looked at Edmund. For a T8 R-Design 36/15, they are saying:

.00001 and 43%
$5002 T8 Noncash Lease Credit exp. 12/02/2019
$1000 Volvo Allowance - SR Excl FL 1204 exp. 12/02/2019

(There May be an additional $4k lease credit, $9,002 total, but OP really needs to post if he hasn’t already).

So a 36/10 would be 46%?

Is it 43% or is it 47%?

It’s the 7.5-15k range