2019 Volvo XC60 or Audi Q5

Hey Forum Figured I would ask for a little advice from the experts.
The wife wants to lease either a 2019 Volvo XC60 or an Audi Q5 so today I started sending out some generic emails to various dealers throughout the Florida area ( I am in the Sarasota area for reference). I was kind of surprised with the quotes I got back. I will post one for each for comparison.

2019 Audi Q5 Premium Plus
MSRP: 55,555
Net Cap Cost (after all Mfr. and Dealer rebates and incentives): 51,861
Residual: 31,666
Money Factor: .00213
Monthly Payment: 790
Drive-Off Amount (please itemize): Dealer fee- $799 Gov fees- $471.50 Misc Tax- $55.93 First Payment- $790.63 Total- $2,117

The Volvo XC60 came back as follows
2019 Volvo XC60 R Design
MSRP $52620
Discount $3,094
Adjusted Price $49526
Doc Fee $799.00
Tax $1097.00
Net Price $51822
Monthly $710 for 39 months 10k Mileage $710 DAS

So my question now is perhaps I would have better luck just negotiating a Sale price and then leasing from there. Seems like a lot of FL prices are higher but still my first day in searching. Any suggestions on maybe a different approach when dealing with car dealers as this is the first time trying to find a vehicle lease for her.

Invoice on XC60 = no deal, period. $0 incentives on XC60 = no deals in January

Yea I was pretty shocked with that number might have to wait a few months to see if any deals come up

Grab an 18 Q5 for 300 off the monthly.

Find me a $55k 2018 Q5 for $490 and I’ll fly to FLA and drive the rascal home.

If you’re looking at a $56k q5 you might as well look at the sq5.

For a couple grand more you’ll get a significantly better power train along with a sportier interior and exterior.

Granted, your $56k q5 probably has all the advanced drivers aid stuff that you’d find on a $70k sq5, BUT, if you can do without that stuff, a well equipped sq5 is like 62k.

15% total discount is achievable on an ‘18 Q5, more if you have loyalty. Go to the Edmunds forum and confirm your local incentives but it is likely $1,500. Shoot for 12% off in dealer discount with base MF. Maybe add another 1% for that ridiculous doc fee or consider shopping out of state.

Pretty terrible deals, no incentives for the XC60 so you should wait on that one. For the Q5, you should be shooting for a minimum of 10 percent dealer discount before incentives and base money factor. That dealer is doing you no favors.

Cast your net wide and shop out of state if necessary. Maybe a broker on here can help you find something.