2019 Volvo XC40 R-Design

My wife has decided on the XC40 R-Design and we’re planning on leasing. I have a spreadsheet for plugging in the numbers, but the first dealer we went to didn’t share the MF and just said they work with one of three finance companies on leases. We are looking for a 36mo. / 12K lease. Their discounted price on the vehicle was $44,999 with a $28,610 buyout. Payment was $607 with $4,000 down, which seems very high to me, granted it was their first price. Not having leased before, I’m not sure how best to go back to them and negotiate. Any tips on best next steps would be appreciated!

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Missing some information here.

What’s the MSRP of the vehicle and what’s included in the discount price? Is it incentives or straight dealer discount.

This is a pretty poor price for the car.

Don’t go to the dealership. Obtain all the necessary numbers from edmunds. Draw up a deal you want and then email every dealer in the area to see if they can do the deal on a specific car in stock (pick one out).

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R-Design isn’t going to lease particularly well either.

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For that quote you can get a XC90 R design…

$46,655 MSRP, Dealer Discount $1,656. Another dealer has a $2,500 discount posted right on their website.

What info would I need to get from Edmunds? Anything specific I should be looking for.

Those discounts are terrible. These really don’t lease well at the moment with the high demand, no incentives and Volvo trying to push that Volvo Care subscription thing for this model.

Get the money factor and residual for your zip code.

Seriously if you want a Volvo SUV, the XC60 and XC90 are leasing WAY better than this. For the ~$711/mo they quoted you (I’d throw this in the Worst Leases we’ve seen thread), you can get a vehicle superior in every aspect.


Wow that’s insane


My wife has decided on

Dealers love hearing this…


Where are you located?

What they said. XC40 isn’t included in Costco pricing and most dealers aren’t discounting much, if at all. Be thankful she didn’t want a v60 like me, it’s worse.

Right as always. If this is “the one” and she has driven, work the best deal you can before going in to sign.

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if it has to be THIS CAR then it probably makes more sense to finance at the moment. These are just stubbornly not coming down in price, they’ve been a horrible lease essentially since they came out. Great reviews coupled with the hottest segment in the industry right now means you arent going to get anything close to a decent lease.

At these figures it may actually make sense to consider the Care By Volvo scheme which at least includes insurance (albeit at an eyewatering $800 a month)

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I wonder if Volvo is holding back on the supply of these. In SoCal which is swarming with small Cross-overs, I’ve only seen like 2 of these. Crappy leases must be working.

Terrible deal can get a xc90 cheaper.

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It could be they are funneling them to Europe instead of the US but they definitely aren’t sending us enough as our local dealer only has 2 or 3 on the lot most of the time. Or they are using the XC40 to upsell you to an XC60s. Go to the dealer and get a quote on XC40 for 44k (MSRP 45k) and then they offer to sell you a 52k XC60 for 46k and you think you are getting a lot more car for just a little more money.

Volvo was building them in Belgium but added production in China for non-US markets. All the SoCal dealers I’ve contacted in past 2 months seem to have plenty. No incentives. Volvo numbers have been strong so they seem content to let them sit on dealer lots. They didn’t even include them in the Cosco program.

We ended up financing, made a deal last night for $43,999 on and R-Design stickered at $46,655.


Congrats! Pictures?