2019 Volvo XC 90 in FL -- Need your Help

2019 Volvo XC 90 T5 Momentum

36mo/12k miles
RV: 63%
MF: .00188 (no negotiation)
Payment: 560 tax in (6% taxes)
Zip code: 33324

Can you guys see any other way to push?

I can definitely see you are a fellow Floridian with your $799 documentation fee :slight_smile:

Is the negative down payment you show in the calculator for negative equity on a trade-in?

If your zip is 33324, then your tax is 7%, not 6%.

You can likely do a little better on the dealer discount (which your calculator shows closer to 11% than 10%).

Why is your down payment listed as a negative number?

Based on your own calculator, doing 10 MSDs would lower your monthly down to $515 without changing anything else.

Super true! Broward raised its sales tax. I’ll wait for you to answer the other questions before I offer any opinions, but you’re technically my neighbor, because my parents’ house in Plantation is the same zip (which I know also extends into Davie.)!

Guys thanks for reply.
$1000 negative cause they offer me $750 drive off (didn’t know how to get to that number in the drive off section Lol) about the sales taxes you guys are right 7%

In general what do you guys think?

Didn’t know how to put it in the calculator. Drive off $750 … tax is 7% instead of 6%

How can I do 10 MSD?

IDK the MF for the T5 this month, but a 5.4% discount pre-incentive on this, as MY 20 has already started trickling onto lots is awful!

How you came out with 5.4% discount pre-incentive? 10% pre-incentive


I thought the MF was incorrect, and I was correct! Is this AWD or FWD? If it’s FWD, the residual is also wrong.

There is a lot of materials on here for the MSDs if it is a question of what they are — the calculator has a dropdown list for you to add 10 MSDs for Volvo. They are refundable security deposits Volvo will hold until the end of the lease which in turn reduces the money factor.

Is this for the T5 FWD or AWD? It seems like you may be using the incorrect money factor too. Based on the RV you are using, i am guessing it is AWD.

Edmunds shows the T5 momentum for a 36/12 lease for this month as 62% RV with a 0.00201 MF for FWD, and 63% RV with a 0.00208 MF for AWD.

You beat me to it. Should have just done a screen shot…

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Each Volvo MSD reduces the MF by 0.00005.

Sorry for the mess. First time. T5 MO AWD

The MF in your initial post (and the calculator) should be 0.00208 for this month. I’m not sure where the 0.00188 came from.

Ok I fixed the calculator. Any room for improvement?

They ask me for $750 out of pocket.

Is this quote coming from Weston Volvo? If this is your only quote, you should at least try to get quotes from other dealers in the tri-county area.

Try Schumacher, Deel, and North Miami. I wouldn’t bother with Gunther.

I went with Gunther — Weston and Schumacher wouldn’t touch the deal I got.

North Miami tried to push a car on me with an obvious mechanical problem.

Really? I’m surprised. Several people have complained here about Gunther lately, and my dad has gotten about 4 cars in a row from them, plus a few in the past, but he said he’s done with the sales department because it’s gone so downhill. I have the cell phone number of the owner of Weston somewhere. He was going to cut me a deal in 2016, but the only AWD S60 he had was about $10,000 more than what I needed to make the numbers work. Someone who owns a bunch of restaurants down there (and across the country) gave me his number since they’re friends. :slight_smile: