2019 Volvo S60 T5 Inscription Lease

My lease is up in a few months and in the market for another vehicle. A colleague picked up a XC60 and I like Volvo’s new styling these days. Looking at a 2019 S60 T5 Inscription with Advanced and Luxury packages. The proposed deal does include $1168 of rolled in final payments on my current lease. I’m not suggesting signing this deal, but trying to figure out the best area to focus to make it better–assume discount? Unfortunately there’s only one unit with the luxury package and I’m not sure how long it will be there or how long Volvo will support 2019 leases.

MSRP - $51,260
Extra Dealer Equipment Crap - $618 (guards, wheel locks, etc)
Remaining Lease Payments - $1168

Discount - $10,413.82
Sales Price - Sub-Total - $42,632.18
Tax and Tag - $105.37
Admin - $579.00

Total - $44,311.55 (Although I get $43,316.55 when I add sub-total to tax/fees)

MF - 0.00046 (No MSDs in this deal)
Residual - 53%

36/10 Payment - $522 with 3% tax included. Volvo pays first payment.
36/12 Payment - $537 with 3% tax included. Volvo pays first payment.

I think there’s $5850 of bonus cash right now on this model so that makes the discount only $4500 or so right?

Correct. Needs more discount.

And you’re missing the $995 acquisition fee, which is why your fees don’t match up.

Thanks. He must have left it off the sheet by accident. Good catch.

Is there conventional wisdom as to what discount is generally accepted as being good on these units? It’s been in stock for about 3 months on the lot.

I’d probably push for another $1000 off. 10-13% is fairly common in these parts. There’s been lots of s60 threads to search and compare with.

And get rid of the $700 in dealer profit add ons.

And MSDs will save you more money here.