2019 Volvo S60 - good deal?

Just in from dealer after an hours’ discussion:

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 S60 T5 Momentum fully loaded - Premium, Multimedia, Advanced Pkgs, etc
MSRP: $ 46,xxx
Selling Price: 43,xxx
Monthly Payment: $ 515
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2,500
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00075
Residual: 57%
Region: TX - 6.25% state tax baked into lease payment, less small tax incentive

First time leaser - seemed OK given TX tax burden, but what do you think?

How are due at signing and drive-off amount different??

Typo and corrected, thanks for the catch. Total due at signing is $2,500.

The RV and MF look great, but there’s not going to be much of a discount on such a new model (and indeed there is not). If you gotta have it now, I imagine that’s just the price of admission.

Taking out the extra TX tax, I think this is equivalent to somewhere around $540-$550 sign and drive in most other states.

Most folks around here are getting S90s for that kind of money. Do you want the S60 that bad?

Why not wait 3-5 months for this one unless you need a car right away, once the “fuzz” wears off they will be throwing all kinds of discounts at you hopefully

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7% discount about what I got. I think they’ll have a little more trunk money to give soon but nothing is sitting yet.

Went with it. Short on time and couldn’t find comparable mpg/pilot assist-like tech for the money in my area. Seemed to take it as far as they’d go, though agree I likely funded some future discounts for buyers 3-5 months out.

The MF is .00041 on T5 MOM, it is .00075 on T6.
Either they are marking it up or made a mistake. Verify.

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Ya got it, enjoy it. No need to second guess. It is a lovely handling car. Very well balanced. Better than the S90 IMHO.

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Enjoy the car! Its a great vehicle, even in T5 FWD. I just got one myself due to some constraining circumstances on my last Volvo lease that wouldn’t have allowed me to wait it out as long as I’d like. I don’t think you could have asked for a much “better” discount, relatively speaking, on a model as new as this one. Deals will definitely be better later in the year, but you do what you have to do. Not every deal here is going to be hackr worthy and can vary. How much better will they be is the question.

The newness, road and curb presence of this car blows the competitors out of the water IMO. It’s a great ride and is definitely different.

post pix plz


Thanks all for the advise & comments. Pics attached.

Is that the Denim blue or Osmium gray? regardless its a fantastic color…congrats on the car.

Osmium 101010

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Osmium indeed!