2019 Volkswagen Golf SE

I’m in the process of leasing a 2019 VW golf SE and I was wondering if anyone knows the dealer cost and MF? I’m aiming at $378 monthly.

this is what I was offered:
MSRP: 27k
Residual: 44%
48 months
total payment $450.46/monthly
no discount

any suggestion?

Do Not lease this car please… the Golf historically has always leased like crap.

Are you really serious about paying $450 a month for a base Golf SE?

Keep reading this sit and educate yourself please


And this is a 48 month lease? Yes, please do yourself a favor and do not try to lease a Golf. This is a horrid lease. Believe me you’ll thank yourself later.

The only vw’s that lease ok right now are jetta’s and tiguan’s, and not overly optioned ones. For the payment on this golf you could probably find an X1 loaner

Where did you come up with the figure of $378 a month? Did you make it up? Buying or leasing a car doesn’t work like that. The car needs to fit into your budget, not the other way around. The offer on the table has you spending $21,000 on a car with an MSRP of $27k. That’s idiotic.

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When the phrase “No Discount” came into play, did that not strike a red flag?

This dealer is straight up scamming you and it sounds like you don’t understand where to begin the negotiation.

If you’re looking to spend $350-400 a month on a lease I would suggest looking at the market place and finding a broker for a car you want in those ranges, it doesn’t sound like the time it’s worth to get up to speed on negotiation will be worth it.

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I like the Golf but that is too much IMO.

If they don’t lease well I suggest looking at other makes and models

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I was at $399/mo w/0 down for a GTI Autobahn which at the time was like a 36k MSRP. Not a great deal in hindsight, but I really liked the GTI and it fit my need at the time for a hot hatch that was fun to drive and easy to fit into terrible spots at a train station. If you told me I could get a base BMW 328i at the time I still would’ve taken the GTI FWIW.

This deal is still horrible.

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That’s not a bad deal for a GTI Autobahn

I just looked back at the historical - back then the GTI was at a 57% residual when I got it compared to 50% this month. Eek.

In NY for 19 golf SE

       36/12K   0.00001 and 48%
       48/12K   0.00051 and 41%
       39/12K   0.00001 and 46%  $700 lease bonus that's it.

I don’t know why u got 44% for 12k miles on a 48 month leasing.

Invoice- minus incentive is like $313 with tax and fees upfront.

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