2019 V90/V90CC sitting on lots, 2020's slow sales numbers

I was browsing the Volvo broker V90/V90CC deals and went down the wagon rabbit hole.

For brokered new and demo V90/V90CC I grabbed info from folks like @nyclife, @aronchi, @Cars4Us, @OffStickerPrice.com, & @stellarauto. Other brokers don’t paste calculators but pricing is similar.

For 2019’s, Car gurus is showing 108 new/demo 2019’s available, 43 of which are white. The average discount is 20% (random sampling of best deals, completely unscientific) which is dragged up significantly by T5 RDesign FWD wagons (25% average). T6 inscriptions (4) are the least publicly discounted. This unsold amount of 2019’s is 1/15th of v90 sales in 2019. from 2018 to 2019 there was a nearly 1200 unit decline in v90/v90cc sales. (source). So far through May, only 311 have been sold (Corona, Epstein, V60/V60CC all factors). So LH is likely responsible for moving about 4-5% of the entire V90 inventory if not more.

The average discount before incentives on new/demo 2020s is 17% on LH. With incentives (Costco/First responder/Loyalty, using an average of 4k, per the spreadsheets some brokers can stack all 3), the average discount is 24%.

Many 19’s have well over 500 lot days on them, one has been on the lot for 630 days. I hope it has had a rotation.

Side note, there was recently a v90 Ocean Race in Charlottesville, VA. I called on it and it was just sold for 42 or 43 CPO, said they had 20ish out of state calls a day on it. If you recall several of these sat on lots with decent discounts after everyone at swedespeed forums did their OSD on these. It certainly won’t be AMG wagon status but might have a gentler depreciation curve.

Anyone with insights into what these dealers are going to do to move these 19’s, because you can get a 20 at a better price right now.

Edit: Since the bear showed up, that initial discount in the calculators is inclusive of manufacturer incentives, and the additional incentives I averaged are the costco/responder/Loyalty. Please note the bolded completely unscientific.


Volvo provides manufacturer incentives (Lease Bonus and Volvo Allowance) for 2020 models currently. These vary by region and are included in the broker deals already. 2019 models are sitting on dealer lots with little to no support from the manufacturer. These carts do not have these incentives. It is up to the dealer on how aggressive this want to be on moving old inventory. There are also programs like Costco Auto (which is included in some of the brokers’ calculations), which is currently only available on select 2020 Volvo models as well.

Regardless, we are comparing two different things. A 2019 does not have lease support while a 2020 does.

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all correct just pointing out the strange market for v90/v90CC where there is a glut of 19’s, a lot of incentives on the 20’s and CPO’s hold in the low 30’s.

It has never been the case on any new Volvo model. Better not to put new/demo in the same basket.
Also, CarGurus does not always show all Volvo demo/loaners.

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Depreciation on luxury cars (or rather all production cars) will always exist to a certain extent. These are BMWs, Lexus, Volvo, etc. and not Carrera GTs. It will be more prevalent on vehicles besides SUVs, as those tend to keep their value a bit bitter since they are more desirable.

Unless a dealer wants to fire sale a 19, it is not going to be worth it. Even getting a new (2020) one at a STEEP discount of 12% before incentives will make more sense once you stack all Volvo incentives, Costco Auto etc. There is good value in CPO’s because of the warranty, which is great if you are looking to put a lot of miles on the car.

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Look for a 2020 demo, that’s the sweet spot for max % discount (20%) before incentives. Lovely car btw

When’s the last time we saw 20% pre-incentive on a Volvo demo here?


:grimacing: pre Covid lockdown? I’ve been searching, I’ve been getting shut down at 16-18.

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Haven’t seen anywhere close to that on dealer discount lately. Best of luck.

@volnedan was the last one, after my deal

I really like the V60’s but what’s the deal with getting rid of the T6 trim and AWD? Do they just expect everyone to buy the CC if they live near snow?

The polestar looks so good though. I was swooning over that today.

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Newbie question: when talking about % off for a loaner pre-incentive, let’s say 16% pre-incentive, does “incentive” also mean lease cash ($2500/$4550/etc) ie aim for 16% off MSRP and then additional lease cash off of that; or does it mean 16% pre-taxable incentives like costco/usaa/penfed/etc but the lease cash is included within the 16%?

Pre-incentive means before all incentives. A lot of people recently have been posting Volvo deals with big “pre-incentive” discounts, but they’re neglecting to separate out the Volvo allowance/lease cash. Then we end up with people saying “you can totally get 15% off pre-incentive on a new one” and setting false hopes.

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I recently leased a T5 MOM. I would have preferred a T6 AWD, but have never liked the Outback-esque body cladding and lift of the CC.

Good luck on the Polestar, they are few and far between and the dealers know it. I had two dealers turn down A plan pricing on the Polestar and eventually I gave up.

Don’t. Get. Me. Started. Again. :heart_eyes::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

They all went for near or at msrp pre-incentive. I contacted volvo cc in early May: they confirmed its omission from a plan website wasn’t an omission.

My XC60 T6 P* went for service today and I’m in a V60CC T5 (white/beige bc this dumb dealer orders 125% beige interior which :speak_no_evil::-1:t2::-1:t2:

I prefer ride height on v60 but i prefer entry/exit height of xc60. Both in comfort mode are a nice ride but I notice the power difference. And P* is still worth every non-residualized dollar.

This dealer also had a :older_man:t2::older_woman:t2::poop: brown/citiweave v60 and 70 year old me fell in love

Contemporary me, not so much.

Still tilted over missing out on that BCC T8 speacial?

I had no way to get it. But no that every other us dealer sold every one in about three weeks.

I’m picking up a V60CC next Friday, wish me luck. You like the V60 though? Dad did another impulse, f IT GOOD DEAL ITS MINE move. 267/Month 527 DAS. I’m posting it later.

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If my current lease disappeared I would get a v60 no question.

I haven’t seen any V90 loaners within 200 miles of SD, unfortunately. I would love to come home with one and will gladly sleep inside of it when my wife kicks me outside of the house for bringing home a wagon.