2019 Toyota Tundra Crewmax TRD Off-road - $500 incentive - $300/mo


Tundra SR5 Crewcab with TRD Off Road - dark grey with grey cloth interior. Nearly $45,000 MSRP. 12k miles per year. Great for someone looking for a shorter term lease.

17 months remaining. Only 5000 miles on the odometer in 7 months of ownership so you have 19,000 miles remaining. I will pay transfer fee and give you $500 to take it over. Actual payment is $332 so after the incentive it is $300/mo.

I will have completely detailed prior to delivery so will look as new.

Edit: Photos below

Where are you located?

he tagged ny and nj, probably not too far, ny metro area isn’t that big.

great payment btw op, should go fast.

Red Bank, NJ

Also should mention no accidents or damage. I got the truck because we were moving and now I’m done.

Who is the lease through? Thx.


Still available? Would you be up for shipping it?

So you got a 24 month lease just to have a moving truck?

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Use swapalease. It’ll sell in a couple days. No one here is going to takeover a 2019 tundra with that msrp when they can get a 2020 $50k msrp for around the same price. You won’t have to pay the transfer fee or incentive. Just the fee to list on swapalease. I’ve sold 3 tundras on there over the last 2 years and made $1000-$1500 on each by asking for a down payment. The cheapest tundras on there are $400+\mo

Well that and I just decided I’m over pickup trucks. More of a sport sedan guy and I don’t need 5 cars so this is the one going first.


And thanks Jim, I will probably list there this week as well.

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Also check your msrp. I’ve never seen a 45k offrd. Should be around 48k

Is this still available? I’m in WA State.

There is at most a month left on this term… read the post, check the date.


This has got to be a joke. Nearly a year and a half later and on the opposite side of the country. :stuck_out_tongue: