2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road -DC 4x4 $250/month

We decided it was time to replace our 5 y/o Altima. I’ve been looking at Tacomas for a few weeks and recently an opportunity presented itself to seamlessly offload the Altima so we moved forward. If this were a manual I think I would be under $230/month but the wife can’t drive manual and didn’t want to be restricted to just one vehicle. Everything was negotiated via email/phone with the SM and all numbers agreed to prior to going to the dealer. I can’t say enough about how easy he made it. Ultimately we decided to delay actual delivery until tomorrow since we would have been there until well after 5 to get in the F&I office.

I’m pretty happy with the deal overall and appreciate some clarifying information from @Cody_Carter on incentives and one pay leases.

EDIT: Updated #'s due to the contract being rejected, which was the result of overpayment.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road, DC, Auto, Quicksand
MSRP: $39,751
Sale Price $36,101 ~9% off
Monthly Payment: $235
Drive-Off Amount: $5,660 (one pay lease), $302 DMV/Doc Fees
Annual Mileage:12,000
MF:.00165 (after one pay reduction of .00100)


Really well done for anywhere, let alone Pittsburgh!


Thank you sir.

I’m starting to look at Tacomas… out of all the different models, does anyone know which one tend to have the higher RV? I don’t want to overload Edmunds lol

The 4 cylinders have the highest at 82% on a 24 month lease. If you go for the TRD line, Off-road has the highest at 81% after 24 months.

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Thanks… I’m in FL. For some reason I was told at Edmund’s 24 months is not available.
36 month on the I4 was at 77%. I’m checking on the TRD now.

Congrats @pensfan83! Enjoy!

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Toyota dealerships in FL use SETF instead of TFS, so programs will differ from the OP.

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Lowest I was able to get in Pittsburgh is $275 with 1k down had to go to Philly via a broker on here on the forums got $255 36 months with $255 drive off

Had I not done one pay and been able to get a lower MF than the subvented rate AND the $1,000 customer cash I would have been over $300 with nothing but first pmt, doc, and DMV. That made the difference here.

Hi, I sent you message, are you able to share the dealer?