2019 Toyota Tacoma Offroad Manual Trans V6 4x4 $209/mo. + $2250 MSDs. $37k MSRP. One pay lease=$4200+tax! Pick up in Philadelphia. All states welcome



Text me if you would like this deal replicated

Someone backed out and I have one left in cement. Tax, tags. Dealer Fees all included. $500 fee for me. Pricing is based on PA buyer, will differ for other states. $37k msrp. Lease is through Toyota financial

Off Road Taco MT

$245 a month. Includes PA tax and tags


$2250 MSD
$209 a month.

Includes Pa tax and tags. Other states text me for a firm quote!



Shouldn’t MSDs be $2250?


I’m pretty sure, but that’s the numbers the finance guy gave me. Once I have a buyer I’ll cross that bridge. Looks like he added in first month also


I still have 1 left. $37,000 truck for $209/mo. Prob the best deal on leasehackr


I’ve added a one pay option as well!


Hey i’m looking for a taco.
I live in Northern CA.
You sound like you have a great deal.
Would this come in a double cab?


Can you provide more about the configuration of the truck? Thanks


Basemodel Off Road 4x4 v6 floormats are the only option I believe. If you want a quote text me


Is this available to CA residents?


Any deals with more equipment?


Text me for quotes. I do all toyotas


This exact one sold but I can get more. The fee for me to order one is $200-250 and is rolled into your quote. It’s not my charge it’s the dealers


What color is the one you have left?

I think my eyes are fuzzy but Toyota’s website says the towing capacity on this is 6,400 even with the manual. That would do the trick.


I would have to order one. This sold yesterday

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