2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE

I have a couple offers from a couple local New England dealers that don’t seem too terrible (without getting into specifics we’re at initial payments of ~$375/mo on 12k/36 MSRP around $32-33k)

New to leasing in general and have done some research on this site, knowing a lot of people generally get excited at the 1% MSRP mark-- would we say the same is true for new models such as this (esp when 2018s are leasing so low right now)?

No incentives – High money factor – Best to look at other options

Also – if you are set on the rav-4 I would wait for the hybrid.

If you truly want help, you need to get into specifics and post all the details.

Shot you a PM.

I can definitely help.

“Don’t seem too terrible”…

$375 a month on a rav4 is terrible but I agree, this model is just hitting the pavement so I doubt there’s any incentives on these yet.

Side note I saw one yesterday for the first time in person in that cement color and I have to say it looked pretty good. Not close to $400 a month good though.