2019 Toyota Highlander SE deal check

New to the forum. Wanted to see what you all thought about this deal on a new 2019 Toyota Highlander SE model. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge here.

Maybe im missing something with tax in CO, but im getting 369/M

I have no clue what MF or RV they gave you, check edmunds for that given your zipcode. I used the MF/RV i just got for my XLE i leased.

Looks like their RV is 59%

Is the 2500.00 rebate inclusive to the sale price or in addition to?

EDIT: I updated the calculator, looks like the 2500 is inclusive. Now im at 433/M which is close to your Drive off, not knowing the MF.

If their discount includes a 2500.00 rebate looks like you have some more room to get the dealer discount lower.

Thanks for the reply. I’m going to try to get the dealer lower.

Will they not go any lower on the discount?

This was the first go around. I’m going to reach out this morning to see if they will. I’ll update.

Are you trading in $12,000 worth of equity in your old car on this deal ? Or I am reading it wrong?

I was going to trade in my current car. They are giving me 12500. I owe 12800.

Id at minimum get them to pay off your trade free and clear, its only 300.00. NJ had no rebates on the 2019 HL lease but they took around 12 % off the MSRP of the Vehicle.

Updated calc, has the 438/M

Looks like they are using a MF of .00025 and taking 6.3% off MSRP (if my calculations are correct that is :slight_smile: )

Thanks. I’m shooting for them to pay off my trade fully and hopefully get the price down to an even 39,000.

Is this TFS, US Bank or Ally? Just curious as I’m in CO and wan to follow the thread.

This is through Toyota financing.

2019 Highlander SE AWD should be
$1120 Delivery
$43,520 MSRP

What are the extras/add-ons getting it to $44,205?

I believe just the standard options. Moon roof, navigation, tow package.

Have you gotten a purchase quote on your current vehicle from carvana, shift, and vroom?

Yeah it was 12648 via carvana. I’ll try the others though, thanks!

I know this is a lease website but purchase style negation must occur prior to asking for a lease.

  1. Did you ask for 12% off MSRP PLUS the rebates?
  2. Did you tell them to try U.S. Bank and shelve the TFS lease?


Two more things;

  1. If you don’t have to have an SE, try pricing/negotiating an XLE AWD, more of a popular model.
  2. If you have the money to purchase and can get 12% off plus rebate, you are better to buy. My Wife has purchased 3 XLE AWD’s over the past 3 years and generally pays $3,800 in annual depreciation for about 10,000 miles which works out to 316 a month. She even trades them in.
    FYI; Once all the 2019’s are sold (with their rebates) they will hold a nice value vs. the 2020.


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I wouldn’t expect the vehicle to hold its value quite as well with a massively updated model now on the market.

It also depends on where you want to be monthly, even with 10k down on a finance you are close to 500/M assuming a 2.9% rate.

vs ~ 42X.xx/m 1k DAS.