2019 Toyota Highlander lease ending. What to do?

I am a first time leaser, so I appreciate any and all assistance. My 2019 Toyota Highlander lease is ending mid-June. The residual value is approx 30% less than pricing I am finding on 3rd parties (Carvana, KBB trade-in value) as well as similar cars for sale at the dealership. I want to take advantage of its value but do not want to keep it. I plan on leasing another car but not set on a specific make/model. What are my options?

What region are you in? I can Get you about the same as Carvana and into a new Toyota, if interested message me. Depends what bank your lease is through what your options are.


Retail value is only loosely correlated with what they will offer you. Get actual offers

BTW, the RV is your balance at the end of the lease. Your current payoff is higher (add remaining payments +/- some finance charges) so be sure you to look at the best offer less your current payoff as the equity value.

The value they are selling for and the value they will buy from you are 2 different things.

Get some real numbers.
Also your next car will be expensive, probably 30% more than your current payment. Be ready for that.

I’m in the exact same boat with the exact same car but my lease is over end of March and I’m struggling what to do also

The residual on a 48/10 2022 highlander Xle is 53%. Payment will be under $600. In 4 years if the highlander even remotely holds the same value as it is now you’ll have 15k equity. So even being conservative you’ll have $5k equity at lease end. Bringing your effective payment to under 500/mo before you trade in your old highlander. Of course this isn’t guaranteed that values will be there in 4 years but highly possible it’s still worth more then $25k.

Just an option ive been getting for clients lately. The hybrid is around the same scenario and also a good deal. Not many 3 row awd vehicles that are priced this well.

Highlanders hold their value very well. But if that’s the bet one is essentially making, why lease instead of buying it?

  1. Pay acq fee unnecessarily
  2. Pay more in finance charges if MF > finance APR
  3. Who knows if TFS will still allow unrestricted third party sales in 4 years.

Bc a purchase with $0 down and 60 months is close to 900/mo. Purely cashflow, the reason most people lease.

The person who can’t afford to finance a Highlander is an even worse position to lease over and over again.

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Not my judgement to make. I’m not a financial advisor. People ask me for the cheapest payments so that’s it… if I can recoup equity at lease end, then even better. Maybe that extra $300/mo is paying down 19% credit card debt. Then what’s better? Again this is America, not a new concept to be leveraged to the tilt.

Just from all the posts on this site daily I can imagine the financial knowledge ineptness you see several times a day personally…amazing how lazy and outright dumb people are about #'s. Dang.

Honestly you don’t know peoples situation so no reason to judge. Some people would prefer to lease over buy, hence this website. It’s not like I’m selling high end autos to people that clearly can’t afford them!

Maybe they don’t want to buy now bc the wife isn’t working after having a child, and now they need the 3rd row and need the $300/mo extra until she returns back to work in a year or so. Things are rarely black and white when it comes to finances.

My goal is to just make sure they’re paying less then other dealers would charge them…lease or buy.

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Not talking lease/buy…just in general saying don’t sign anything with numbers that you don’t completely understand…no judging there…just not good.


Is “cash flow” a euphemism for not enough income?

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You do realize lease programs started for this exact reason? This isn’t a novel idea…

People have been buying shit they can’t or don’t want to pay in full for decades…hackers just learned to identify residuals that were inflated and used that to exploit pricing.

America is a perpetual debt nation, our govt was the lead example for that. Our economy is founded on it.

Research Zollie frank the father of car leasing

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