2019 Toyota Highlander LE Plus - Lease $501/mo

Just leased this Toyota Highlander. How good/bad is this deal? I need to learn for my future deals.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
2019 Toyota Highlander LE Plus FWD
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

**MSRP: $38,017
**Selling Price: $35,818 (5.8%)
**Monthly Payment: $461
**Cash Due at Signing: $0 + 1st month payment
**MSD: n/a
**Incentives: unknown!

**Annual Mileage:12000
**MF: 0.00135
**Residual:$22,810 (60%)

**Region:Tulsa, OK
**Leasehackr Score:6.6 years

I had a Hyundai Tucson 2017 trade-in with 1 year and 5 months left (payoff $17000), dealer appraisal $15,000), but marked trade in as $17,000, so I didn’t roll any negative in.

After we negotiated the monthly payment of $461 with no down-payment, I gave in and added GAP Insurance ($399 for the 3 years) and Windshield protection ($399 for the 3 years). The new monthly payment is $501/month.

The dealer marked the downpayment as $501/month (based on the first monthly payment?).

Sales tax $651 was rolled into the deal, but then they will send me a check to go pay it.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Will post the calculator link below.

You probably left $2000-2500 on the table on that selling price, and applying MSDs would bring your payment down $40ish a month as well.

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That deal is atrocious.

It kills me to see it to be honest.

This should have been low 3s with only first payment due at signing.


Salesman got his vacation to hawaii paid for


I compared the $461/ mo price above (before adding gap and window protection) to another dealer’s offer and this was well below the other one.

In Oklahoma, on average, a LE Plus is $453/mo with $2500 down. That’s aprox. $522/mo

I walked out twice on this dealer and once on the other one and I could not get a better price anywhere else. It took hours and hours of negotiation to get the price down to this.

Help me understand:

  1. what if the dealer doesn’t offer a bigger discount on the MSRP? Do you simply walk out, or buy from another state? The national offer for a base Highlander LE is $309 with $2999 down.

  2. I was happy to get out of my lease early, is that where I got hosed? Or was it just the discount on the MSRP?

  3. was GAP and window protection a bad idea?

  4. Do all dealers allow MSDs?

People on here are being a bit hard on you. This wasn’t a good deal (look at offers for this car from dealers/brokers in the marketplace section). But for first time posters we certainly see much worse. I’m also going to go out on a limb and say Tulsa OK isn’t a great leasing market due to lack of competition, i only see a couple Toyota dealers there.

GAP insurance was probably ok. Toyota is about the only brand that doesn’t include it in leases. Window insurance probably a bad idea, but that’s only 15 bucks a month. And re your early lease turn in, this lease actually might not be nearly as bad if you consider you basically rolled in 2k negative equity.

We have an XLE at the same MSRP which we’re paying $380 a month incl LA tax for. We did put MSD’s down though, we’re at 15k miles and we didnt qualify for the Tier 1+ because our US credit was too new.

Though we’re in SoCal so a very different market, but just for a quick comparison.

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I discovered leasehackr after I signed the deal, but I need harsh criticism from pros. I’ve always been attracted to leasing and I need to get good at it.

I’m on this website for a reason, to learn and dissect where things went wrong.

Yes, I see much lower numbers for better trims here on these forums, but the reality in Oklahoma is different. I am Tier 1 with great created Fico 800.

You’ll get better deal next time. It isn’t as bad as it could be but pretty far from good. I got a 2019 Highlander SE with MSRP of just over $45k 3 months ago for $444.86 including 10.3% tax. Yours probably could be had in low 300’s. Don’t get stressed, enjoy your new ride and make your experience work in 3 years when your car is due.

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Next time, consider trying the Kansas City market and drive to get the vehicle. I am routinely able to get 10-11% off Toyota’s, before incentives, in Kansas City. There are about 6 or 8 Toyota dealerships here.

As @EC99 alluded to, my guess is the dealer easily absorbed the $2k on your trade because the deal wasnt very aggressive. If you had shaved another $2500 off the selling price, you may have had to pay the extra $2k on the trade.

A couple of comments: with Toyota/Lexus/Infiniti always use MSDs if MF is >0, they offer a great deal 9f value.

Why did you turn Hyundai in early, what does the Pathfinder offer that your old vehicle didnt? Turning in that early rarely works out well - although appeared to be revenue neutral for you.

I wanted out of the Hyundai Tucson for more space (1 year old baby), plus I hated the Tucson (cheap interior, small, etc).

I went with the Highlander because of space,safety features, looks.

Hawaii? Try Australia.

I’d stick this lease on SAL and start working on a new deal once I get a bite.

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You def could have done better, I just got the wife a 2019 Highlander SE AWD for 390/mo including taxes and only 1st and tags, plus 8 MSDs due at signing.

Not the best deal for me personally, but pretty fair considering the SE trim doesn’t lease as well as the LE and XLEs

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Just check back here next time, yeah it’s terrible but no one starts leasing with unicorns.

curious to where the no GAP insurance info from Toyota is stated - my recent lease this past weekend on a Highlander SE included gap insurance through Toyota Financial. is it dealer by dealer option to include in their pricing or something regional?

Toyota never used to include gap insurance, just sort of common wisdom here. Maybe they changed policy this past weekend. Would be an important move since you would no longer have to pay a few bucks a month for it on Toyota leases.

What state are you in? Give us more info on the GAP, maybe I can go yell at my dealership to have this removed!

Did you use Toyota Financial Services or TFS?

Quick update: The dealership sent me a check for $630 for payment overage. When I asked them for what exactly, they mentioned the payoff on the Hyundai Tucson that was included in the lease deal was too high. It’s really weird.I’m not buying it because I provided the payoff quote from Hyundai.

Recap: Bad Lease deal done in Tulsa, Oklahoma:
Payment was $461/mo with 1st month down + an extra $40/mo for GAP and Window protection.=$501
Dealership sent back a $630 check for payment overage.

Monthly payment is $501/mo with DAS $501

I’ve been trying to get numbers from other dealerships in Oklahoma for the same vehicle and they’re all almost the same. Welp!